Wednesday, January 4, 2012


One day Nolan took control of the camera and seemed to want to take pictures.  There was a LOT going on at this particular time, namely Uncle Shawn tickling anyone smaller than him (most humans are smaller than him) who came within arm's reach.  Those small humans would then scream, run away and run back for more torture, er, I mean tickling.  But Nolan decided to begin a new hobby or perhaps this is a budding career.  
 I call this is self-portrait.  Although I snapped this one.
 Gramma.  Also known as Beebie
 Cousin Emmett
 Grampa Jack, also known as PaJa or maybe PaJack
 Auntie Jill
Uncle Shawn and cousin Kaye (being tickled).

I'd say that while the angles aren't ideal he did a really great job taking these photos.  And after this it seems that he actually seems to understand that when someone is taking your picture you stop and smile at them.   Perhaps this was all he needed to allow me to take his picture.  Well, maybe this lesson and a snowman made from paper plates.  

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