Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Scarf

Nolan really loves our scarves.  In fact, he will take a belt and pretend it's a scarf!  He puts everything around his neck like a scarf.

So I decided he needs one.  We have several each and he loves when we wear ours.  Especially when we tickle his head with the fringe.   
Going on the guess that scarves for toddlers are a choking hazard I made him a scarf.  I wish I considered the softness of the yarn when I was making it because it's a tad scratchy but Nolan picked the color and was quite opinionated on that.   
While he looks like he loves it, I am really not sure if he does.  He wears it for only short amounts of time, unlike the belt to my bathrobe which I need to hang in a spot that he can't reach because when he does it's impossible to get it back.   
But we're working on it.  Hopefully he'll enjoy the scarf this season.  I know how to fix the mistakes I made with this one and can probably make one more quickly next year if needed.  

(but on a more important accomplishment, notice Nolan smiling and looking at the camera in these photos, not reaching too it with fret on his face?  We're working on saying 'cheese' and smiling when the camera comes out.  He's doing a great job with this!)


  1. I love the scarf you made. Very dashing with his coloring. I think the European kids here always look so chic wearing scarves, but I don't think I could get the boys to wear it. Sorry to hear your neck and back have been hurting you, but glad to know you are on the mend.

  2. oh and yeah! now my comments are going through.