Sunday, January 29, 2012

Give This Kid a Blanket!

There are so many rules new parents need to follow.  Some you take in stride, others you follow to a tee.  Every parent is different but there are a few rules that Dave and I have truly taken to heart.  One is that nothing should be in the child's crib until he's two years old.
That means, no blankets, no stuffed animals, no toys, no books etc.  Since Nolan is such a great sleeper we don't see any reason to mess with that.  We fear he'd throw the blanket or stuffed friend out of the crib and then wail for it.  Or he'd strangle himself with whatever he has since he loves putting things around his neck.  Then he started tucking himself under the sheets on the bed.  Yes, he was yanking the sheet up and wiggling his way under it.  He was, in essence, tucking himself in.
 And if you read this blog, you know how much Nolan LOVES snuggling with anything soft.  So this weekend was the weekend.  We gave him a blanket.  We joked that he'd sleep until 830am since now he had something to snuggle with.  
He didn't.  But you can tell he just LOVES it. So now he sleeps with a blanket... around his head.

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