Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Things seem to be changing so quickly.  Just last week I was frustrated at Nolan's speech, that it seems he's stalled in the development of it.  And this week he's doing 2-3 word statements.  It's really amazing.  As adults we don't change very often.  When we do it's often a declared change, like I will go to the gym every day, not a natural change.  As an adult, when there is change, I find it exciting and sometimes I get giddy. 
 A change I've implemented are these shelved.  Before they were both installed I was already looking around the house for more corners to put more shelves.  I LOVE these shelves.  These shelves were installed to fix a problem.  When we/anyone walks into our kitchen they put down the stuff in their hands on the counter.  I hate it.  I do it myself, and I hate it.  So now we have shelves!  AND I LOVE THEM!
 See how clear the counter can be without stuff on it?  Doesn't it look gorgeous!?!  I LOVE IT.  Other changes include: Nolan eating cereal in a bowl with milk and new cups.  Some of Nolan's friends who are younger are required to drink from a cup in a new daycare classroom.  Since Nolan is many months older I figured we'd better get on it too.  So here are some new cups.  He is thrilled and wants to drink out of the 'blue cup'  or his 'new cup'.  
He is very proud of his accomplishments.  And still doing a great job smiling for the camera!  

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