Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Resolutions Check-in

So I made some resolutions this year that I have been taking quite seriously.  It's almost like I needed something to aim toward.  It's been a fun month working on my self.  Here's my update:

Use my ME time more wiselyI've decided to stop trying to make the book club meetings of a Mommy club I belong to.  The meetings are never at a great time (Sunday nights at 8pm) and I am not always excited about the books they pick. Frankly I'm not always excited about the attendees as well.  So it's ok to not participate even though I like to read.  I've also decided that I will not be renewing my membership with another club I belong to because I feel like an impostor, just using it for daycare and grown-up time, not for the content of the meetings.  I have also begun seeing a chiropractor for my neck which feels appropriate to me.  I'm skeptical of them but also feel stumped as to how I can start to feel better and less achy.  This should, overall, improve my well-being if I'm not in pain or achy each day.

Be a better recycler Dave and I have both improved on this front.  We've begun keeping a bag for recycling upstairs rather than downstairs.  At one point the recycling bin was outside, dumped in transit to the car and forgotten outside.  Last year I would have just thrown the recycling into the garbage can because of ease or laziness.  But instead I piled the recycling up and added it to the big can when I retrieved the indoor recycling bin.  
Drink more tea. While I haven't been super about replacing the booze with tea, I have been better about treating myself to an afternoon cup of tea.  I've tried at least 10 new teas, many I have discovered I don't like.  I got a few sampler packs and after giving away a fruity kind since I don't like fruity tea, I had someone bring me an iced tea from Starbucks of that same tea.  It was delicious and a gorgeous purple color.  This discovery made me look forward to summertime.  Surprisingly I haven't found a tea I really love yet, but I have found some I don't love.  I've far surpassed my threshold of two new teas each 

Date night inJanuary was a tough month to do two ABT (After Bed Time) meals but it was done.  One night we gobbled in front of the tv and another night we sat and had a lovely meal while Nolan was babbling away in his crib.  Nolan has had some really awful evenings so these might be used more than twice a month.

Stop keeping score.Unfortunately for Dave I am still keeping score but I am trying to not let that affect my actions or reactions to things.  

Take it easier on myself. Treat myself better. THIS is what I really need to work on.  I am taking it easier on what Nolan should eat and it gives me pleasure that he pushed away the macaroni and cheese from a box as well as the cheese puffs offered to him at a class we take.  But I am trying to be more relaxed about that.  I'm also trying to be more relaxed with me.  I've been better to myself but this is a tough resolution.

DO things, stop thinking about doing things. This has been a super duper resolution.  Sixty seconds is a long time.  I can take the garbage out, I can pop upstairs and change my clothes.  I can do a lot of things in 60 seconds which helps me be able to cross all that stuff off of the to-do list.  I got a ton of stuff done in January.  Every day I accomplished small random stuff.  Most days I make a list during the morning of stuff i need to do each day and try to find a way to get them done.  Things in the house like washing all the blankets we use while watching tv or taking down the Christmas decorations.  Taking down the lights outside (it was super warm one night after nolan went to bed I did it.  It took less than 15 minutes by my self).  Writing these things down somehow makes it easier for me to do it.  Perhaps is because I actually remember what I wanted to do.  

Monday, January 30, 2012

Very Close

I'm quite certain that Nolan doesn't need glasses...
 but could he get is face any closer to the paper he's drawing on?
 I'm not sure where he picked this up, getting really super close to the page but I find it hysterical.
 Maybe he likes the smell of the markers?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Give This Kid a Blanket!

There are so many rules new parents need to follow.  Some you take in stride, others you follow to a tee.  Every parent is different but there are a few rules that Dave and I have truly taken to heart.  One is that nothing should be in the child's crib until he's two years old.
That means, no blankets, no stuffed animals, no toys, no books etc.  Since Nolan is such a great sleeper we don't see any reason to mess with that.  We fear he'd throw the blanket or stuffed friend out of the crib and then wail for it.  Or he'd strangle himself with whatever he has since he loves putting things around his neck.  Then he started tucking himself under the sheets on the bed.  Yes, he was yanking the sheet up and wiggling his way under it.  He was, in essence, tucking himself in.
 And if you read this blog, you know how much Nolan LOVES snuggling with anything soft.  So this weekend was the weekend.  We gave him a blanket.  We joked that he'd sleep until 830am since now he had something to snuggle with.  
He didn't.  But you can tell he just LOVES it. So now he sleeps with a blanket... around his head.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Really Sweet

Nolan has taken an interest in our wedding album.  NOT the uber pricy one but the one with the 200 proofs in it.  It's been on a shelf since we got married and in the past week we've looked at it more than probably the last several years.  Thank you sweetie, for making us remember a really beautiful day.
 What's so cute is he points to people in the pictures naming them.  Even though we all look different and a few years younger, he gets them all right... well, except for Nana and Auntie.  Sometimes he confuses them but I mistook Dave's aunt for his mom on our wedding day too, so let's be fair.  They are twins, after all.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Things seem to be changing so quickly.  Just last week I was frustrated at Nolan's speech, that it seems he's stalled in the development of it.  And this week he's doing 2-3 word statements.  It's really amazing.  As adults we don't change very often.  When we do it's often a declared change, like I will go to the gym every day, not a natural change.  As an adult, when there is change, I find it exciting and sometimes I get giddy. 
 A change I've implemented are these shelved.  Before they were both installed I was already looking around the house for more corners to put more shelves.  I LOVE these shelves.  These shelves were installed to fix a problem.  When we/anyone walks into our kitchen they put down the stuff in their hands on the counter.  I hate it.  I do it myself, and I hate it.  So now we have shelves!  AND I LOVE THEM!
 See how clear the counter can be without stuff on it?  Doesn't it look gorgeous!?!  I LOVE IT.  Other changes include: Nolan eating cereal in a bowl with milk and new cups.  Some of Nolan's friends who are younger are required to drink from a cup in a new daycare classroom.  Since Nolan is many months older I figured we'd better get on it too.  So here are some new cups.  He is thrilled and wants to drink out of the 'blue cup'  or his 'new cup'.  
He is very proud of his accomplishments.  And still doing a great job smiling for the camera!  

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

After the Snow

 We played outside in the snow for about 30 minutes.  It was still snowing, sort of, so when it hit your face it was cold.  Nolan occasionally complained about his hands being cold- his min-mins (mittens) are not waterproof.  
 But when our neighbor started using their snow blowers, Nolan would not be stopped.  We walked down the road to watch him use the snow blower, all the while saying 'snow blower'.  My take on it is that a snow blower is merely a wintertime lawn mower, so of course he'd be really interested in it.
Once inside we undressed.  But Nolan didn't want to take off his boots which meant his snow pants were staying on for a little longer too.  And since his hands were so cold, he just tucked them in.
 Sometimes he just cracks us up.  As I'm trying to lighten up with Nolan's eating I wondered what age was appropriate for hot cocoa?  So in spirit of the snow and my attempts to be more free spirited about what he's eating I made him a small cup of tepid chocolate with 2 marshmallows.  
He wasn't interested in it.  At all.  In fact he poured the luke warm cocoa into the mug I made it in and crushed the cup.  I guess he wasn't ready.  Either that or the hot cocoa wasn't to his liking.  I prefer mine really chocolaty with 3 marshmallows.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snow Day

Yesterday it snowed.  And Nolan boycotted clothes.  Generally he keeps his clothes on but this day he simply refused to put clothes on after his bath and for a few hours was naked (what he calls Nay-Nay)
 We did eventually get clothes on him.  Only to have him remove his pants.  Have I mentioned how much he likes wearing boots?  Any boots- snow boots or otherwise.
 But with the promise of going outside to play in the snow we wrangled him into a onesie and finally got some clothes on this kid.
 And put him to work!  He did a fair job shoveling.  I think he needs to work on the pushing technique.  
 But he definitely has the dumping part of shoveling down pat.  In fact he says 'DUMP' when he does it for added effect.
Maybe next year we can get him to start making some money shoveling snow.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Scarf

Nolan really loves our scarves.  In fact, he will take a belt and pretend it's a scarf!  He puts everything around his neck like a scarf.

So I decided he needs one.  We have several each and he loves when we wear ours.  Especially when we tickle his head with the fringe.   
Going on the guess that scarves for toddlers are a choking hazard I made him a scarf.  I wish I considered the softness of the yarn when I was making it because it's a tad scratchy but Nolan picked the color and was quite opinionated on that.   
While he looks like he loves it, I am really not sure if he does.  He wears it for only short amounts of time, unlike the belt to my bathrobe which I need to hang in a spot that he can't reach because when he does it's impossible to get it back.   
But we're working on it.  Hopefully he'll enjoy the scarf this season.  I know how to fix the mistakes I made with this one and can probably make one more quickly next year if needed.  

(but on a more important accomplishment, notice Nolan smiling and looking at the camera in these photos, not reaching too it with fret on his face?  We're working on saying 'cheese' and smiling when the camera comes out.  He's doing a great job with this!)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snow Day

We woke up to snow!  Well, about 1 inch of it, but still.  And for Nolan, that meant school (the class we made PPS) was cancelled.  SNOW DAY!  So we put on co-co (comfy cozy) pants and nolan insisted on wearing his boots and mittins inside while walking around begging for his friends to arrive so we could get outside to play in the 'no'.
 Getting outside requires all this:
 And once it was on, he stood at the edge of the yard for a bit until he watched me and his friend's mom  make a snowman.  Yeah, the moms made it.  Unfortunately it's not intuitive for two almost-2-year-olds to know how to make a snowman.  So we made it.  And you know what?  It was a LOT of fun!
 So we made another one when the third friend arrived.  TWO snowmen and three wet moms and three cold babies.  After a few trips down the slide in our back yard we headed inside.  
What a great snowday!  I wish my camera battery didn't run out.

Monday, January 16, 2012

A Well Deserved Break

We ALL took a break this weekend.  A break from the world, it seemed.  We stayed in, licked our wounds and healed.  And while we all don't feel or look 100%- in fact none of us do, we feel MUCH better than we did on Friday.  
 Oh, did I forget to mention this week that Nolan got rug burn on his nose?  Well, you see, it was minor compared to everything else.  It was the first time after my neck/back injury I picked Nolan up voluntarily and it was only because people were watching.  But, I digress... 
 So we took a nice break.  We layed on the couch, we watched some football and some Chuggington, we went to bed early (some of us on the couch) and we hung in our co-co (comfy-cozy) pants.  Nolan took a marathon nap, I made Carrot Ginger soup with homemade chicken stock.
It was what we needed to help us all feel better.  We're on the mend.  We're hanging in there.  It was such a nice weekend.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

On The Verge

I feel really proud of the way I've been dealing with this quarter close.  You see, four times a year Dave works late hours which means I work late hours.  So instead of counting the clock until 6:00 when Dave should be home, these 2-3 weeks I count the clock until either a) 5:45 rolls around which is my designated time it's ok to watch tv; b) 6:30 rolls around which means I rush around the kitchen preparing dinner for Nolan and myself; or c) 7:00 rolls around which is the time bedtime begins.  

So back to me... this quarter close I think I've done a good job. I scaled back dinners so I can eat with Nolan and still give him the 'family meal' experience.  I've also scaled back my expectations of how these days will go.  I've utilized any help and play date offers that came my way or that I forced on others, I think I handled this quarter really well.  (by the way, this picture is Nolan just waking up, notice his legs are up in the air against the bed rails- so cute)
 So all was going well and I was feeling super about this quarter until Monday night when I tweaked/hurt my back/shoulder while pulling up the blanket in bed.  Yeah, it sucks.  So I have been walking around with a stiff and now crooked back for a few days.  My neck is so tired from holding up my heavy head.  I've trained Nolan to climb into the carseat and I've changed his diaper on the floor (since I can barely look up, the floor is a much better spot) which makes for having to pick him up only about 5 times a day.  I've been sleeping terribly because every time I move in bed I wake up in pain and I smell like Icy Hot.
Today I woke up with a tickle in my throat.  One of those tickles that feels like a cold coming on.  And that coupled with being tired and in pain and the fact that a baby (not mine) took a significant fall and was wailing nearly sent me off the ledge.  I feel like I'm on the verge of losing it.  Only a few more days of this.  I can't wait until Dave gets home Friday night whatever time that may be because that's hopefully the end of it.  At the very least he will be home Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday I have a massage scheduled and it couldn't be better timed.  And I really could use a break, some comfort to my sore back and a good cry.  

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mad Cow

I struck out at the Stride Rite super sale for sneakers for this kid but the trip did not disappoint.  The ONLY item in the store that was his size were the last pair of these cow slippers.  I wasn't sure if I should get them. 
 Then the clerk said they were $5.20 and the cow's eyes lite up when he steps.  Perhaps the red eyes on the cow slippers are a little scary but this was an awesome purchase.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Sometimes Nolan takes his shirt off.  It's not often but he looks funny with his naked little white body running around.  One night he took his shirt off for about 1 hour.  This is what he did, generally speaking.  
 He got into bed and pretended he was asleep.  This is him tucking himself into or under the covers.  
 Still in the sleeping position, butt up, knees under, but face tucked under the blanket.
 Until he rolled over.  I don't think he expected the sheet to be so cold.  
The funniest part of his nakedness was when he put on his yellow hard hat.  He looked like he was from a miniature version of the Village People.  

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pretend Play

Nolan has just entered a phase of pretend play. I must confess, I LOVE this phase.  It's fun, as a parent, to watch him pretend to share, care and play with random items.  For example, he sometimes scribbles on a board and then tells me what they are: cow, fish, whale, etc. Here Nolan is showing Paper Plate Snowman (let's call him PPS from now on, since I suspect we'll be seeing a lot of him) his music train.  
 Here he is trying to hand PPS one of the cars of the music train.  For the record, it's not easy to get PPS to stay on the chair and I've witnessed many meltdowns while trying to perform this task.
 Don't mind this totally random Hawaiian shirt.  He found it in a box of hand me down clothes.  But in this photo if you can see past that loud shirt he's wiping the noses of the three ducks on the train with a tissue.
 And here PPS and Nolan are working in the kitchen together.  
Nolan is a really sweet kid.  The sweet bursts come fast and furious, occasionally he slows down to give a brief snuggle.  But watching this form of tenderness really melts my heart.  He's a growing changing boy.  I'm not sure I'm ready for Nolan to have imaginary friends or anything like that but I enjoy watching his imagination take off.  As a grown up I forgot how to use my imagination.  Spending time with him has really brought mine back but it's rather dull.  I can't wait to explore with him.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


One day Nolan took control of the camera and seemed to want to take pictures.  There was a LOT going on at this particular time, namely Uncle Shawn tickling anyone smaller than him (most humans are smaller than him) who came within arm's reach.  Those small humans would then scream, run away and run back for more torture, er, I mean tickling.  But Nolan decided to begin a new hobby or perhaps this is a budding career.  
 I call this is self-portrait.  Although I snapped this one.
 Gramma.  Also known as Beebie
 Cousin Emmett
 Grampa Jack, also known as PaJa or maybe PaJack
 Auntie Jill
Uncle Shawn and cousin Kaye (being tickled).

I'd say that while the angles aren't ideal he did a really great job taking these photos.  And after this it seems that he actually seems to understand that when someone is taking your picture you stop and smile at them.   Perhaps this was all he needed to allow me to take his picture.  Well, maybe this lesson and a snowman made from paper plates.