Sunday, July 31, 2011

Table Manners

When do we start teaching Nolan table manners: no elbows on the table, please and thank you, napkin in your lap, don't talk with your mouth full? I suppose it's a little early but now he has a place to sit and enjoy a cool drink or read a book. We attempted to 'color' this week too, at his table. It worked much better than attempting from his high chair. Since our dining room table is tall, there is really no safe place for him to learn how to sit in a chair.

It's funny to encourage him to sit and read at the table but sometimes it works. It's nice to have a spot for him that is in the kitchen but not underfoot. He is often underfoot.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pig Pile

Nolan's buddy Libby came over to play. They are really good playmates because Nolan is not very tender and Libby can handle it. She's a lot of fun and a lot of energy and quite physical. It's really precious when we take a walk and they hold hands or share snacks from the strollers. But when Libby decided to pile on Nolan, he did not like that one bit.
She didn't mind though, even though he was whining, she was laughing and having a grand old time acting like a nut!

Then she went for a snuggle but the angle got mixed up and she was really tackling him again.
She finally got her snuggle in and her mom and I laughed at the whole event. Oh, and we took photos.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Nolan got a step (also one of his new words is 'step') so he can wash his hands and brush his teeth like a big boy. It's a great step, I love it, he can just barely touch the water which is fine and can't reach the handles or his toothbrush which is also fine. I'm thrilled it doesn't slide around and also thrilled that he likes it. He is turning into such a BIG boy. Amazing to watch. I'm so lucky

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Because of this: note, the temperature says 112 but it was actually 102 on Friday... We did lots of this...

And this... to stay cool.
It works. I mean if I could reach the AC unit, I'd do the same thing.

Seriously though, this week has been tough. It's too hot and too dangerous for people to be outside for too long, especially babies. The temperatures reached or neared 100 all week and the humidity was/is oppressive. It's expected to break soon and thank goodness. Nolan is desperate to play outside and I'm anxious to stop sweating bullets. Strangely the forecast of 85 seems 'cool'.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nolan's New Ride

Nolan likes his new ride. He was even trying to take a nap in it yesterday. Either that or hug it. At any rate, there are several things that Nolan likes about it, the loud color might be one. Unfortunately this was the only color available for this version of the stroller. He really loves the tray and steering wheel and squeaking horn. And when he's not honking the horn and pretending he's driving, he'll lean back and put his legs up on the tray. The tray can come off or stay on. We'll see how often we actually use it.

He seems to also like the vents on the sides of the stroller that might allow some more airflow. I like the shade seems a bit bigger providing a little more protection from the sun. But most of all, I love the front swivel wheel. I didn't realize how cumbersome the fixed front wheel of the other jogging stroller was until I walked with this one. We didn't walk far because it's HOT today. But we did give this a decent test ride. Nolan digs it.

Monday, July 18, 2011

My Son Is Brilliant!

This big boy understands a whole lot more than he lets on. He understands everything we say. He understands more complicated things. And he understands his toy. He has this magnet toy that we've been playing with and getting frustrated by for months. I see them on everyone's fridge so we got one when Nolan started showing interest in the magnets. It's a two piece puzzle that goes on a talking board. When you get the puzzle right, there is a song that congratulates you. When you get the two pieces in but they are not a match there is a different song.

One day this week Nolan woke up and discovered this puzzle was easy. He can take all the pieces off and put them on the right place. He can make matches. No longer is there a duck-sheep. Now all the animals are matched properly and the congratulatory song is sung. And more so, no longer is there frustrated throwing of the pieces across the floor. Well, not much of it anyway. It's amazing how much they develop. Truly, it happened overnight that he can solve this puzzle. Really cool to watch this kiddo develop.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Visiting with the Great Aunts and Uncle

This weekend we took a ride to visit the Great Aunts and Great Uncle, and the Great Dog and Great Cat. We had a really nice time at the beach (mom didn't take photos) and at the pool. Of course, there was a noodle which is always fun. Nolan had a blast showing Great Aunt Judy and Great Aunt Liz how comfortable he is in the water. He also showed them how strong his teeth were after several bites into the noodle.

There was some time out for Daddy too. They looked really cute sitting on the lounge chair post-swim. I'm really lucky. GAJ and GAL tried to get Nolan to sit on the noodle. I'm not so sure he got the hang of it but with some helping hands he was able to sit. He was more interested in figuring out how to make it spray water. He knew you had to dunk it to get water into the tube and to put your mouth on the hole at the end. But the blowing part was the trouble. We had some good laughs watching him try to figure it out.

Thank you so much for suggesting the visit. It was so wonderful to spend time with you. Have safe travels up to Canada, aye. Give Gram a kiss from us!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summertime Fun

We're off for more summertime fun this weekend with an impromptu day trip to Massachusetts to see my Aunt and Uncle and another Aunt visiting from Seattle! WHOA! They have a pool and live right next to the beach so we'll for sure do more fun summertime activities. I found some Popsicle molds that are more sized for Nolan. He ate 3/4 of this one and could hold it in his hand more properly. He seemed to really enjoy this snack, it's just yogurt and fruit mixed together and then frozen. On to our next adventure!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Water Baby

Nolan LOVES the water. He is very comfortable in it, he doesn't mind getting his face wet and loves to splash, be in the pool and or sprinklers. He impressed many people, friends and strangers, by how much he enjoyed the water.
And while I will confess a part of me was devastated when Nolan chose Auntie to swim with him, I was thrilled I didn't have to get wet and that I could take photos of his crazy antics.

Auntie seemed to love it too, except she didn't realize he'd be splashing her or diving face first into the water. Once she realized he loved it, she didn't mind. Thank goodness for Aunties!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I'd love to say Nolan is 'all boy' but that's not quite true, he did take a little girl's doll and give dolly a snuggle before she was taken from his arms. Thank goodness the beach on vacation was small. And friendly. Because even though we had toys for Nolan to play with, he wanted (and proceeded) to play with all the other toys. It's just what kids do, right? They find the coolest toys, in this case a giant mesh bag of sporting good, and act as if they own them. This mesh bag must have had at least 30 balls in it.

The parents were really cool with Nolan's interest in the bag of balls. They didn't seem bothered by him removing 20 of the balls and scattering them throughout their beach set up. They were lounging on their floats sipping beers laughing at him.

And how could you not laugh at this. I mean, could he get any further into the bag? And then when he finally finds a ball and gets it into his hand he studies it as if it might not be the ball he targeted. This lasted for 15 minutes or so until Nolan made enough of a mess of their stuff and I convinced him to move away.

The best part: the owners of the bag of balls suggested we don't need to put all the balls back in the bag, that their children will do it before they leave. I guess all kids do this. Thank you, dear friendly beach-goers. I will someday pay it forward and make Nolan clean up some other child's mess of his toys. Now where can I get my hands on a mesh bag of balls.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Back from Vacation and Exhausted

We are back from our trip up north, Nolan and I. Dave had to stay home and work (late) so we headed up to spend some time with Nolan's grandparents (my in-laws). I will openly confess I was a tad nervous for this trip... nervous Nolan would destroy their house, nervous that he'd be a brat, nervous that I'd feel uncomfortable with my in-laws without Dave, nervous I wouldn't be able to handle him all by myself, nervous he wouldn't sleep in the pack n play, etc. I was really stressed about this trip.

It was really wonderful. The 4 hour car ride went really well considering. Nolan did (mostly) really well in the car ride up. When we arrived there was a house full of people who wanted to see us (him) and then a beach full of admirers- if they weren't his admirer before he arrived, he sure charmed them while he was there. He made some lovely girl friends while on the beach and all the adults were amazed at how comfortable, too comfortable if you ask me, in the water. We have to forcefully keep his face out of the water now.

Back at the house he had many of his toys and found some new ones that he played with. He seemed to really enjoy mowing the futon and also the pet bird. He must have gotten picked up to look at the bird about 100 times. He spent some great time with Nana and Grampa as well as Auntie Barbara, Uncle Fred, Auntie Sus, Uncle Geoff and Cousin AJ. It was a really lovely trip and while it's nice to be back it was so nice to be there.


I'm so tired from this trip, I'm not sure why but I am utterly exhausted. Must be from all of that worrying I did before the trip! For no good reason too.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Just Another Day at the Splash Pad

Last week Nolan and I met up with some of his pals to try out this Sprinkler Park. I had no idea what it would be like or how much it would cost but we headed over. The town's website did not provide very much information. Turns out, it's awesome! And Free. Seriously, this kid LOVES the Splash Pad (that's what people call it, not a sprinkler park).

So we went back with Dave to play at it this morning. There were a lot more kids there today but it's small enough that people can't really plan to spend the whole day there which is nice so it doesn't seem to attract too many people. Also nice is the playground that is connected to it.

As with everywhere, Nolan made some friends and one gave him a cup to play with which he thought was pretty fun. All in all, this kid had a really great morning.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Nolan's First Haircut

This boy needed a few of his hairs snipped. His baby mullet was cute but getting long. Very long. So today was his first haircut. His hair looks non existant from the front so here's another from-the-back view.

He did a great job sitting still and not fidgiting. He seemed a little stunned by the whole salon, to be honest. This is my hairdresser, not a place where kids typically go to get their locks snipped for the first time.

I love this picture because you can see Dave's expression and the other lady's expression plus Kaitlin in action taming the mullet.

Look at this big boy. It's crazy since he hardly had any hair to get cut but not having that tail really makes him look like quite different- at least to us.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Yesterday was our 4th anniversary. We spent the morning at Elizabeth Park, where we got married. We had scones and coffee, even Nolan enjoyed some scones! Then we walked around, saw the ducks and the flowers. It was a really lovely day!

What a great way to spend a Thursday! I wish every Thursday was like this!

Dave, thank you for these amazing few years. I loving living my life with you. Happy Anniversary!