Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A new favorite toy

This kid cracks me up. So with a basket full of toys for him to play with in our bedroom he finds this (unused) air conditioner foamy thing and swings it around like a sword and chews on it like it's a snack. I didn't even realize we had some of this in our closet (we pack it in between the window and the air conditioner to prevent bugs and warm air from getting in) but apparently we did. This brought him so much joy for a few days and now it is forgotten.

He's been really interested in some of his toys lately- the laptop and the toy kitchen. It's so fun to see him playing with something on his own. I think I might be able to sit on the couch some day soon while he's playing. Or (gasp) get some stuff done that doesn't involve him.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Mittens in May?

Despite the warm weather, Nolan really enjoys playing with his mittens.He can't get them on himself (or off for that matter) but when they are on his hands he generally loves it. Since he wasn't walking when it was cold and snowy we never really did use these mittens. They were more a novelty that came with the hat I really liked. Who knew that something that sat idle on your bookshelf for months might be a really fun toy?

Seriously, with all of these toys all over the place and he loves the mittens. What a goof! It's so hot and humid today it feels crazy thinking about mittens.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Things Nolan is Into Right Now

I'm sorry but I don't have a video for you today. My apologies. But I thought I'd write a nice message about things Nolan is into. I haven't really talked a lot about what he's interested in

He LOVES birds. He watches them, points out each one anywhere. He can sign 'bird' and whenever he hears a bird chirp he starts signing. When he is eating meals he can see the telephone wires and often a bird is sitting up on it. He's too distracted to eat. He will sit at the sliding glass door watching and waiting for a bird to come by. When he does he will squeal or bang on the door. He just loves them so much.

He always ALWAYS wants to be outside. This is fun until you have two weeks of rain. It was a tough few weeks but he just loves being outdoors. When he's outside he's quite good about keeping his Boston Red Sox hat on, thank goodness. Just about EVERY SINGLE person we encounter comments on his hat.

He really loves to brush his teeth. At the end of dinner he sometimes points to the bathroom and puts his finger in his mouth making the brushing motion.

We taught him how to 'cheers' us and like teaching him the sign language for 'cracker' we regretted this decision almost immediately. He always wants us to cheers him. It doesn't matter if we just clinked glasses, he wants to do it again. That was, until we taught him how to sign 'cracker'. Now he wakes up asking for a cracker (I'm not kidding, in his crib he'll be signing 'cracker'

He puts his dirty clothes in the laundry basket after we've changed him. He is so proud of himself for doing this.
He really loves buckling himself into things like his high chair or the stroller. He will hold one part and I'll hold the other part and we'll buckle him together. Sometimes this can take a long time but he's getting very good at the high chair buckle and can nearly do it on his own. I will not show him how to unbuckle. ever.

One of his favorite toys is the lint roller, you know the sticky round one? Yeah, he loves it. He loves to carry it around, pretend it is a hairbrush but especially LOVES getting delinted. He also loves when you brush him off, like if he has sand on his leg and you brush it off with your hand. Loves it.

He loves shoes. My shoes, his shoes, Dave's shoes, no matter. He has even been known to snuggle with my sneaker. He often chooses the silver shoes for me to wear. Unfortunately those are the most uncomfortable ones so they don't last long on my feet.

So all in all he is really a whole lot of fun right now. Dave and I are having a blast with him. Unfortunately too much fun to get any good videos of him.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Two Clowns

Nolan invited his buddy over to play. They played nicely for a while and then both climbed into the toy box. Then just sat there, being clowns, playing with a toy I've never seen Nolan even touch.

They were just so happy in there for a short while. It was so funny to watch them both climb in and then sit and play hardly noticing each other.

Nolan really likes having his buddies over but is not the best at sharing his favorite toys. Good thing Libby wasn't very interested in most of his favorites.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

something's up

I'm not sure what is going on with Mr. Nolan but something is up. He's not taking very good naps. And it stinks. This weekend the naps were short- 1.5 hours. Yesterday he took a 40 minute nap and today I thought he was not napping at all. But after 1 hour of crying and rocking and more crying and then giving in and putting the snuggle blanket in the bed with him, he's napping. I don't get it, the kiddo seems tired..

He pulled the kitchen towel off the counter and snuggled with it from his high chair after he was done eating. I know some kids don't want to sleep when they learn a new skill but I assumed those skills are physical ones, not talking.


If only he'd snuggle with ME when he was tired. Instead it's anything BUT me. I caught him snuggling with my sneaker this morning and at the library today he snuggled with a plastic banana and dinosaur. I don't get it.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Faux Hawk

Nolan had enough hair to make a mohawk, or not really. It is so funny to see his hair messy, especially on top. Unfortunately taking photos of him is getting harder and harder to do. We have many photos of him making this glorious face. Yeah, sweet huh? But look at that hair!

We had a wonderful weekend, filled with walks and dodging raindrops and watching birds and ice cream and playgrounds and risotto. Not bad for a little guy. Not bad at all.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Can you find...

Nolan, can you find your nose? The OUTside... can you find the OUTside of your nose?

Yes, this is our baby. When you ask him where his nose is, he does this. Often. He's not digging around in there, just sticking his finger in. It's gross. And really funny.

It's even funnier (and grosser) is when he does it to you. Yes, a few nights ago I was putting him to bed, he snuggled in and then popped his head up and stuck his finger right up my nose. I swatted his hand away giggling. This only made him giggle and try again. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat until he's a drooling mess because he's laughing so hard and I can't breath because I'm laughing too hard. Yes, that's my baby.

ps- Dear Nolan, when you are older, if you are mortified that I've posted this picture I will remove this photo if you ask me to.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Basket Weaving

This basket is the source of a lot of our little man's attention. It holds his extra sheets and blankets (as you can see). This is the basket Nolan has pulled closer to his crib and taken some soft blankets out to snuggle with, while he was supposed to be sleeping. Then for a period of time he was into taking the top off and carrying it around the house, sitting on it and standing on it. The top is about the size of him.

And lately he has begun to climb into the basket. Sometimes he removes the contents, other times he just climbs in on top of them. Either way, it's a daily activity now.

Sometimes he climbs out cleanly and this time he tipped over and landed on the pile of sheets and blankets. Of course he scrunched up his face and made a whiny sound. But he got over it quickly and then climbed back in.

Monday, May 16, 2011


As parents I think everyone makes little white lies about their children, things that elevate them from others or make them seem better than they really are. Every parent knows that person who is always asking things like 'is she walking yet? My kid walked at 9 months.' etc. And the reality of it is, she probably didn't. She probably stood at 9 months and the parent held her hands and swung her body so she was 'walking'. Of course, some babies may walk that early but it's very early.

Something I discovered is many people fib about their child's sleeping habits. Some parents say their child sleeps through the night, but that might be from 12-5, which is a blessing when your baby is waking up 2-4 times a night. People tend to be rather honest about the napping but the overnight sleeping is where the fibs occur. I am guilty of it too. When people ask when Nolan wakes up, I generally say between 6-6:30. Then I realize that's wrong, I'm completely lying. He generally wakes up between 5-6:30. And rarely it's at 6:30. We don't go to him until 6:30 so that's probably where that little fib comes in. But mostly I lay in bed listening to him until 6:30, willing him to go back to sleep. I don't know why I don't tell the truth, perhaps to make my little angel look perfect? He is perfect in so many ways, but sadly sleeping until 6:30 is not one of them.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Not Bad... not bad at all

Last week was awesome. The weather was great, Nolan was in high spirits and it was just a really perfect week of life. I can't get over how much fun he is right now.

He just really loves being outdoors. On Tuesday we took a day to hang in and just relax- no plans, no errands, we didn't drive anywhere, took several walks, played in the yard. It was so lovely and really just wonderful.

I must confess I'm not looking forward to the upcoming week because we have lots of plans and the weather looks rainy. All week- rain. BOO. I think that's going to make for a disappointed little guy. Hopefully there will be some breaks in the rain to get outside. But the good news is, when he plays inside, all of his toys seem new since it's been a while that we've played with them indoors.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

This is how we play

Nolan has just really begun to play with things they way they are intended- he pushes cars and trucks around making vrrrrrmmm sounds. He is trying to sort shapes and stack blocks. It's really fun to watch him play. And then he finds a box. He carries the box, more than half his size, around the house finally setting it down on all the books he's pulled off the shelves. He bangs on the box, sits on it, slides down it and then climbs into it.

I think he enjoys sliding down it the most, he really loves the slide at the playground. But it's so funny to see him climb into the box and then try to get back out.

Monday, May 9, 2011


Watch out world, Nolan gives kisses. He has three varieties, the loud kiss, the pucker and the open mouthed kiss. And he loves to give them--- sometimes. I sure love to get them! This is his pucker:
Today at library class he met one of his girlfriends in the center of the room, they were eye to eye and about 6 inches apart and he was all puckered up. She was looking at him hesitantly but interested. I think the whole room of parents held their breath, waiting for them to kiss. It was really adorable. At least he was going in with the pucker and not the open mouthed kisses. They didn't kiss but it was really precious.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

To My Mom

It’s been a challenge lately to find time to do things, the chores, the yard work/gardening, the cleaning, the reading, the spending QUALITY time with my husband and nurturing and keeping safe my son. On top of that I feel like I haven’t had time to get deep with emotion about anything. I just feel too busy. For those who know me know that I cry. I cry when things are heartwarming, when things are sad, when there is misfortune, when there are gooey commercials (thank you Hallmark for ending that string of commercials). And lately I’ve just begun to get that back. Crazy, right? It feels like I haven’t had time to FEEL life. I’m just getting through it. I want to FEEL life. Today I really wanted to take a moment to think about one of those things I seemed to have lost time for- honoring my mom.

Being a mother really makes me think about the things my own Mom did and does. She always has big hugs for me whenever I need them. She always seems to REALLY listen to me when I talk- I talk a lot. She would always rub my head when I put it in her lap when we watched tv together, even when I was older. She always looks me in the eye and makes me feel like I am the most important person on Earth. She created the perfect balance being my friend and my mom, and now my mentor. And mostly I have always felt loved. I mean REALLY loved. Loved from deep within.

I have a lot of learning to do about how she (and my Dad) did such a great job raising my brother and I. As adults I’ve had some interesting and shocking conversations about secrets my parents kept from us. Secrets that make me realize how dedicated they were to having a particular household- secrets that range from how easy tacos are to make (often my requested dinner meal) to our family’s financial picture. It made me realize that no matter what age your child is, sometimes we must shelter them. We must do our best to keep their world full of our attention, fun and playfulness and that when our children think we are superheros, we must let them believe that.

My mom is a Super Hero. She’s THE most amazing woman I have ever known. She has the biggest heart I’ve ever felt. She is so smart and so strong and so beautiful. I hope to one day be thought of the way I think of her. Happy Mother’s Day Mom. I love you so much.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

It already feels special

This weekend feels so great. Dave took Friday off and we hung out together. The weather was glorious, we went for a walk, to the playground, we did a lot of work in the yard, set up Nolan's water/sand table, had some good alone time and a lovely dinner. Today we took a walk, Dave & Nolan went grocery shopping and came home with an early present for me (flowers!), and then Dave installed a gate for the deck. I am SO excited to have that done. I'm sure Nolan will desperately want to get through the deck and into the yard but now I have a place, outside, that I might be able to sit down and enjoy with him. If only I could prevent him from playing with the dirt in our herb planter...

And tomorrow, for Mother's Day, we have some lovely plans to go to brunch as a family. I am really loving this weekend!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


This kid is everywhere. He is going over tables and under tables, in this photo he has already crawled under both chairs and is now trying to get out from his mess. He did, without my help. I was surprised. Unfortunately photos are getting more difficult to take, partly because he sees the camera and and wants to look at the photos and videos I've taken of him. And also partly because he makes this face a lot.

But with the help of zoom, I have gotten a few good ones. He's really interested in everything right now, especially things that go in the sky- birds, trees, airplanes, helicopters. He's very interested in things outside. If it's warm enough he takes his post at the front door and watches the neighborhood and begs to go outside.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

No More Bottles

This big boy doesn't drink bottles anymore. He kicked that phase yesterday. And I have got to tell you, I feel a little sad about it. I loved giving him bottles, to have him snuggle in and sometimes fall asleep with us holding him and the bottle. I love the after bottle snuggles we'd have together. Because he's not big into snuggling I feared the snuggles would end when the bottles ended. As it turns out, I was wrong. After a little bit of forceful holding he'll snuggle on my shoulder before his nap most of the time. Thank goodnessSince he's a big boy now, he must think he can pack his bag and go off to college or something. Not yet, little buddy, not yet. Mama still needs to get some more snuggles in before I ship you off to school. Oh, and you need to get a little taller.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Outdoor Boy

This guy LOVES being outside. I'm growing fearful of rainy days now since he gets awfully upset when he doesn't get outside time. Today after our walk I watched him pick up a stick and touch every shrub in our front yard with it. It's like he was using it to point to the plant and teach me what I should be doing differently. Maybe he'll be like his cousin Emmett and really love working in the yard. God, I hope so. I feel like I can't get ahead with the gardening.

But regardless, he'll be loving it when I can get outside and get working. He loves being outside!