Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gramma's Shoes

When my mom was visiting Nolan was obsessed with her shoes. Anytime they were in view, he crawled to them and wanted her to put them on him. So she did.

We decided he needed his own shoes and what a great idea because he loves his shoes. LOVES them. If he sees them he points and grunts until we give them to him or put them on. He knows where they belong, he loves to have them on and he walks much better in them. Although we have to strategically place them in a spot that he can't see them from his crib or changing pad.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Found the Hiding Spot

Nolan found the puffs. I hide them on the chair so when he's eating dinner with us he doesn't just point and grunt to the puffs. He was awfully proud of himself to find them and wanted some right away. Then shook the container like a musical instrument.
Then just hung onto it and acted really cute hoping we'd give him some. He is really good at acting cute. Big News: Nolan stood up on his own today, in the middle of a room he went from sitting to standing without the help of a chair, wall, person, etc. Look out world!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Best Pal

Nolan seems to have a new best pal. While he hugs and squeezes many of his soft friends, he seems to really like the penguin the best. Many of his classmates bring their stuffed pals to class and Nolan almost always crawls over and tries to take them out of the other kid's hands or just hugs and bites the other kid's stuffed friend's nose.
So today I brought penguin with us to the library and Nolan clutched him with such enthusiasm. When another little baby came over to snuggle with penguin Nolan was not quite willing to share penguin.
Today at class another Mom said "Your son is so calm, I wish mine would sit still like he is." I laughed at her and so did many other mom's in the class who have had class with Nolan and watched me chase him around trying to get him to pay attention or just sit still. Maybe I should suggest she bring a stuffed friend to class next week, perhaps that made a difference?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

What A Day!

Wow, what a day. What a weekend, really. We did SO much and yet it didn't feel exceptionally busy. I guess that's what happens when you actually DO the things you talk about doing. So we went North and met cousin AJ or Alexander (what a great name, huh?) He is precious, very small and so still. It's hard to imagine Nolan was ever that still. Or small.Isn't this picture of Nolan and his Grampa just the most precious little moment captured? Nolan's little expression shouts- I'm an angel... We also got some more babyproofing done which makes me feel better. I ordered some items that I've thought about ordering, I've (mentally) organized the Square Foot Garden and realized I haven't completely neglected its pre-spring tasks.

I finally feel like I have a handle on many of the things I wanted to get done. We did some housework, we collected some more pruned shrubbery from last fall that got snowed on, I signed up for some exercise classes, we tore apart and put back together our bathtub. And our small man slept in today... until 8am! He took one nap and seemed to be for the most part well rested. I'm not sure if this phenomenon will ever happen again but it was absolutely lovely while it did happen.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Road Trip

We're off to meet Baby Cousin AJ today! None of us have runny noses, the excessive drooling has tapered off to a slow trickle and we are heading off on a road trip North. We'll be back this afternoon but it's a scheduling jigsaw puzzle to make this trip work well. I'm sure Nolan will be great but with his erratic napping one never really knows.
He has, however, been eating quite well. Perhaps it's because he mostly eats finger food so if he doesn't want to eat anything in particular he just either drops it daintily (the only dainty thing this kid does) or flings it over the side of his tray. Although he is also forming opinions and has a lot more awareness so we need to hide the bucket of cheerios or puffs because if he sees them he points and does a very enthusiastic sign for 'more please'. Very enthusiastic.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Snack on His Nose

A few days ago while skyping with my parents during afternoon snacktime Nolan started playing hide and seek with his bib. And look what happened! Silly goose!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Now Entering Tantrumville

Nolan has begun to have little tantrums. They began with frustration when he couldn't get a toy to 'work' or the square block to fit into the round hole. Understandably that can be frustrating and might result in some arm flailing and whining. But those were the little tantrums. The understandable ones. The ones that were over quickly. We are soon moving into the world where mountains are being made out of molehills.
Where if we don't pick the right book the world might end. Where he has opinions and we may not agree with those opinions- like his desire to bang on the fish tank. Sure, it's fake and it won't hurt the fish but it's a rule.

Until today it seemed like it was just a joke, he'd get up after a little whimper and head down and do a big smile. Today was the first day he was miserable about whatever the molehill was in the first place.

Most of it I don't mind but I really dislike when he throws the book I have chosen to read to him across the room. It makes me regret all the encouragement we did when he threw balls.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Baby-proofing, Teething, Ice Cream and Toothbrushes

This was a busy weekend. FUN but busy. Dave and I went out Friday night and I went out with some friends Saturday night. During the day we did some great walking, playing and getting stuff done. Mainly, we stepped up our efforts to baby proof the house which is a struggle since this house was built with child safety NOT in mind. The spindles on the banisters are too wide, the banisters are slightly wobbly making gate installation and fit a challenge. There are railings where you'd need to install a gate- it's just a big question mark to us. BUT, while it might not look great, we have configured some solutions to our problems which makes me happy. Our little guy is getting some teeth. The big mean molars. And they hurt. He is constantly chewing on his hands, he's having trouble sleeping sometimes and he had an elevated temperature this weekend. He won't let us get in and feel around which means it really must hurt AND he is actually using the teether things that go in the freezer. I think he got his second one this weekend but until I get my finger in there for sure we won't know.
So since Nolan was too upset to nap on Sunday afternoon we brought him to get some ice cream. I know this is not the best parenting I have done but I read about the glorious look on a childs face after trying ice cream for the first time and with an aching mouth I thought this would be perfect timing... he seemed to care less. I think he likes the greek yogurt better. Shrug. Ok. No biggie.

We also let him sit on the couch and watch some basketball. He clearly wanted to watch something else and kept changing the channel. But this weekend was a basketball weekend and he was just happy to have the remote in hand. Doesn't he look so funny all lounged out in his sweatpants with is big belly on the couch? So funny.

And we got Nolan his first big boy toothbrush (Cookie Monster)and toothpaste (Thomas the Train). Everything has a brand on it, doesn't it. Surprisingly he seems to enjoy this sensation. Now only if those mean chompers will come out and leave my poor little boy alone.
(I just love the photos of him playing with his shadow)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Warmer Weather Days

On the warmer weather days I've been keeping the front door open and Nolan seems to enjoy hanging out in front, checking out the neighborhood.
He likes to keep tabs on the comings and goings of the neighbors. I think he was hoping we would go for a bike ride too!
With all the great outdoor activities we have doing he has been walking a lot more! Finally we have a photo of it!

But of course he still enjoys playing with his shadow- something that never seems to get boring.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Paddy's Day

My a year looks like a long time when I look at these photos. So Mr. Nolan is doing tons of walking. The kid showed off at music class where he did more walking than crawling but after 30 minutes promptly laid down on the floor, put his head down and started sucking on his fingers. He was pooped. How fun to see him beginning to walk.
He can also tell you what a cow says. I'm not sure if we can count his first word as 'moo'. well, it's actually 'boo' but sounds like a cow and he does it when he sees a cow or when you ask him what sound a cow makes. He also sort of says duck. Or dog. So I guess that's not yet a word. This is one of those Firsts that we might have to wait a little while to make sure that is what he's saying before we can date his first word.
These are fun times.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What routine?

So there has been a lot going on. With people on trips (me to Austin and Gramma to here) and teeth (Nolan got a molar and seems to be getting another) and days off (Dad took his birthday off) and illness (ear infections and nasty coughs) in addition to a general feeling like routine is changing, it's about that age, our routine is a big question mark now.
I am so happy Nolan sleeps a lot/well. He's a great sleeper after we feed him, give him a bottle and put him in his crib. He is not a great sleeper if he seems tired and we try to read books, rock him and put him in the crib. He is not a great sleeper on the go- probably because we don't really go far enough. He is definitely not a sleep-in-my-arms kind of guy. This guy does naps the way I would- full belly, warm room, comfy bed.
With turning one, many things change in addition to routine. We're supposed to eliminate a bottle. WHAT? How am I supposed to get my kid to nap without the bottle? I'm scared. This is also the time they generally move from two naps a day to one nap a day (our doc says around 15 months)- well, duh, you're taking away their nap-appetizer... the bottle!

I confess, too, that with his crazy nap skipping, I've let up on my end of the routine responsibility- I've cancelled plans, skipped classes etc, to let him sleep 'in' from his morning nap but really all that does is cancel his afternoon nap most of the time. So we're back to trying to figure out what our routine is. Generally I think I know it but there are some days he's sleeping 4.5 hours between morning and afternoon. There are some days he sleeps 0 hours. I know a lot of moms with kids Nolan's age and we are all in the same boat- teeth, illness, naps, routine- who knows?

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Several years ago Dave and I went to the St Paddy's Day parade in Hartford for the first time... I feel as though it would be an injustice to our memories if I didn't elaborate but because this is a family blog I hesitate... but here goes. Dave and I got drunk. Really drunk. Really Really drunk. So drunk that someone suggested that we were the drunkest people at the parade. THAT drunk. If you've every been to the parade and hung out near the end of the route near Pigs Eye Pub you know that declaration is a serious testament to our drinking abilities.

So when Dave suggested we go this year I HAD to giggle. So did he. It brings so many funny memories. At one point we tried to call for a cab home (we were smart and responsible, see) except Dave didn't know where we were. Well, you know what? That memory won't play out as funny as it was in the written word. Ok, back to today.

So today, we headed to the parade. We were fearful Nolan would be scared of the loudness of it- sirens and bagpipes and horns etc. But this kid was a champ. It helped that we were positioned immediately across the street from some smart parents who brought a bubble machine (note to self). He really loved the dogs (Irish Setters) and the firetrucks which surprised me because firetrucks have scared him in the past. He seemed to have a really great time and I hope to make this a tradition of ours.

Notice his leprechaun hat he didn't know he had on the top of his head. I'm so sneaky.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

One Year Stats

Height: 32.25 inches (99%)
Weight: 24 lbs, 5 ounces (73%)
Tall and lean, just like his Dad!

I am shocked at how low his weight is, he feels so heavy. And even the doctor said 'wow, he's deceivingly heavy' when she tried to get Sir Noodle Legs to show off his standing skills. He's healthy and perfect. This appointment was awful though. Generally after a shot he'll cry or whine but not wail. They had to get a bunch of blood from a finger prick and he was crying so hard while she was squeezing his finger. The poor little guy.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Today is Nolan's First Birthday. It's amazing that this little boy lived in my body. That he is a part of me and Dave. That he grows more every day with understanding and personality. He has brighten my life in ways I could have never imagined.

To celebrate, Dave took the day off and we went to Mystic Aquarium since he loves the fake fishtank so much. When he saw the first fish tank at the aquarium he looked stunned. The photo is actually a little scary his eyes are popping out of his head. He was blown away! After he got used to all the fish he pointed and made lots of grunting sounds. To put it simply, he LOVED it. He loved the colored fish and the sting rays and the lion fish.
We decided to go to the Sea Lion show and were worried if he'd sit through it or be bored. He was totally captivated by the sea lions, he wasn't scared of the sounds they made, he watched intently and even got into it when the crowd was clapping.
After the show we went back to look at the fish more and Nolan was amazed once again. He was in heaven. Then we went to check out the penguins. While most of them were huddled in the back not near any guests we tried to watch the few that were swimming around in the underwater viewing area. Nolan was mostly interested in the drain on the floor. Too bad because penguins are cute. So we went to the top and watched them from afar. Turns out Nolan thought they were HILARIOUS. He just kept laughing- like scrunching up his nose and laughing like I expected to hear snorts. He just thought they were so funny.
With his new penguin toy (and book) in tow we headed home. When we got home we took Nolan for a bike ride on his new wheels which he also thought was absolutely awesome.

Not bad for a little guy. Not bad. What an amazing year this has been. It's hard to imagine what my life was like before this guy. Tonight I feel like my whole body is hugging my heart- I am so happy.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Catch Up and Random Photos

Gramma left today and Nolan will probably fall into a depression without her. They had SO much fun together. So did his cousins. Here are some more photos of them playing together and, of course, the bike. And here is Nolan just being a clown.
But here is the biggie. Here is Nolan having his first sippy cup of milk. Whole milk. Whole milk from Whole Foods. Yep, this kid enjoyed it as though he was drinking this stuff his whole life. He has been eating like a champ which has been really fun- Ham, cheesy potatoes, quesadillas, egg strata, etc. And today at Whole Foods I took a sample of the Cajun Stuffed Pepper filling that Nolan dramatically wanted to taste it so I gave him a bite (with the child sized serving spoon) and he LOVED it and ate my whole sample. I also signed him up for the Kids Club and he got a clementine as a snack today! But if we went tomorrow (his birthday) he would have gotten a free cupcake. Looks like I'll be dragging the kid back there tomorrow. :) Mama needs a cupcake.

Today we also got Nolan his first pair of walking shoes. Since he is becoming more and more a walker every day I thought we should get him some real shoes. How exciting!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Wow, time flies

I'm all out of whack. For the past 10 days or so I feel like I've been going at hyper-speed. It's funny, this is what my life used to be like but I can't handle it anymore. I can't wait until Friday when I have only one planned activity and it's 'go to the library'.

My mom's visit has been great but a complete whirlwind. We're running around from here to there and for some reason it just feels like madness trying to manage it all. We've seen Nolan's cousins a lot in the past few days and it's been absolutely wonderful to see them all playing together.
Each one of them is sweet and gentle to Nolan and treat him with such care when they are paying attention. At one point during his party we found all 4 of them in front of the fridge playing with these magnets.
It was so precious to see them all playing. I guess Nolan is getting to be a big boy. It's just amazing.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

First Birthday Party

After a week of madness, skipped naps, visitors, ear infections and waking up super early, Nolan enjoyed his first birthday party. It was a low-key Elmo themed party. Nolan really loves Elmo, especially the balloons.
We got him a bike for his birthday. It's a really cool bike that transitions into a tricycle but for the time being has a 5-point harness and pusher/steerer for the grown-ups. The sun shade is a little much but the rest of it is pretty cool! Nolan wanted Grampa to get in so Nolan could push Grampa around but we didn't think Grampa would fit. Nolan loved pushing the bike around but seemed to really love riding in it. (photos of that later)
He was showered with many other awesome gifts. Then there was cake. I made a smush cake for him, one he could dig in all on his own. It was my attempt to decorate a cake to look like Elmo and he really loved looking at it. When he finally had the chance to touch it like he had been longing for he just dipped a few fingers in. After a while he finally made an adequate mess. But I thought he'd EAT a lot more. He did more touching.
Shortly after this photo below he was stripped down and tossed into the tub (gently). It was a really great party and he was a charmer.