Saturday, December 3, 2011

Visit with Santa

As Nolan was sprinting down the hall to see Santa saying 'tanta, tanta' over and over I wondered how he would react upon meeting the actual Santa.  We've talked him up, read books about him, sang songs about him and described him but there is nothing that can really prepare a child for meeting the actual Santa.  Once we entered the large room with Santa sitting in one end of it Nolan quickly got very quiet, ignored Santa and played with the Choo Choos while I tried to convince him to wave to Santa.  He wouldn't even do that at first.
 Once Dad got there and after we'd been there about 20 minutes, Nolan wanted to give Santa a crumpled up piece of paper.  Other children were coloring a picture or writing a letter to Santa but Nolan just crumpled it up and offered it to Santa, starting from about 50 feet away and step by step moving closer and closer until finally, with dad as reinforcement, the paper was handed off.
 We seized the opportunity of closeness and Santa also got a high five.  Then Nolan ran away. 
After another 10 minutes of getting comfortable with Santa being in the room, we went for a second more forceful attempt.  Nolan was placed on Santa's lap where he stayed for several seconds before sliding off his lap.  Even after we showed Nolan how soft Santa's suit was, he wasn't staying for any longer.
 After a good 45 minutes of Nolan being in the same room with Santa and after consuming a candy cane which seemed to heighten his excitement, Nolan was very excited to be there and turned in an enthusiastic waver, not only at the real Santa but also at every Santa decoration in the room.  This was very fast waving, almost frantic.
I think after all that, Nolan and Santa are friends.  I hope so, we'll be seeing him again next weekend.

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