Monday, December 19, 2011

The Santa Train

This weekend we went to Essex to ride the Santa Train.  A 60 minute train ride on an old fashioned steam train where Santa, Mrs. Claus, Rudolph and Pedro the Penguin come through the train cars to visit with the children.  We were super excited.  Nolan LOVES trains and is a big fan of Santa.  We hoped he would sleep on the car ride to the station so he'd be well rested for the train ride. Unfortunately he didn't nap.  This is Nolan seeing Santa come onto our car right after the train began to move.
 This is Nolan when Santa got near him.  I don't know what happened?  He became a clinger monkey, gripping me really tight- you can see he's got my back in his grip in this photo, meanwhile giving Santa a high five.
 This was our attempt at getting a photo with Santa and Nolan.  Nolan just clung to me.  Tightly.
 Promptly after Santa moved onto to other, more willing, children Nolan fell asleep on me.  THIS was monumental.  The last time he slept on me was our dreadful West coast trip 13 months ago which made us swear we'd never change time zones with a baby again.
 And when Santa came back through the train at the end of the ride Nolan woke up briefly for a sleep, yet still clingy photo with Santa. 
Overall this trip was awesome.  I hope he'll enjoy the ride a lot more next year.  Though I must confess, having Nolan nap on me for 50 minutes or so was pure bliss.

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