Saturday, December 10, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

We got our Christmas tree today.  I LOVE CHRISTMAS!
 Nolan was really interested in decorating the tree, we let him pick where the non-breakable ornaments would go.  He did a really great job clustering them all in one area.
 He inspected many, tried to throw a glass ball (one down, 37 more to go) and to confuse him even more, we have a baseball ornament... tricky.
 He seemed stumped by this one, a pine cone with a fake bird and fake birds nest on it.  He picked some pieces off it.  Overall he made decorating the tree really really fun this year, if not a little stressful and very fast. Once one was laid in the tree he ran back to the table to get another.  Dave was in charge of hanging the ornaments where Nolan placed them. I was charged with giving him another non breakable ornament to place on the tree.
 And in true Mom-form, he grabbed the mini wine bottle ornament and put it to his mouth... I swear he's never seen me drink wine from the bottle.  Promise.
Now we have to convince him to no longer touch the tree... hmmm... that's confusing right?  One day he is allowed to put the lights, beads and ornaments on the tree, the next day he's not supposed to touch it?  Oh we're in for a long few weeks, I predict.  But super duper fun ones too!

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