Monday, December 12, 2011

No Idea

What is so funny about Christmas this year is that Nolan really has no idea about the magic of Santa.  He LOVES the books we have about Santa.  He loves seeing lit up reindeer in the neighborhood (and says 'Santa').  He re-tells his story of meeting Santa: 'Santa... oh oh ho... caca (candy cane)' and then Nolan pats his lap- yes, you sat on his lap.  But really, Nolan has no clue.  And next year will be so fun.
 So for this year we will enjoy finding every single Santa in every single book we have.  We even have an I Spy book about christmas where we look only for Santas on every page (sidenote, if you don't know what I Spy books are and have kids, look it up.  these things are awesome).  And it's fun to talk about Santa. 
It's fun to look for Santa.  It's fun to hear Nolan say 'ho ho ho' but it sounds more like 'oh oh oh'.  It's so fun.  But he really has no idea.

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