Thursday, December 1, 2011

A New Buddy. And Some Milestones

Nolan really loves scarecrows.  Maybe it comes from his love of snowmen, a love he discovered last winter.  But this kid can find a scarecrow from down the street, pointing and saying 'scarecrow' or his version of it 'Coco'.  While there aren't as many snowmen out on display, he is just as good at spotting them.  So when I brought home a new decoration, Nolan was thrilled.
And gave him lots of hugs.  We are hoping he will not try to hug all the decorations once they are put up.  But this one is ok to hug.
Nolan seemed to take a turn this week.  While he hasn't been napping very long, like he often does, he did snuggle with me (or flop around on my lap wrapping himself up in a blanket) for about 30 minutes yesterday (that's a lifetime for him).  Earlier this week he played WITH a friend.  Never before have we really seen him play WITH another kid, only run around with them, follow them, play in the same room, grab toys out of their hands or play next to them.  It was awesome, she and he were playing with toy food and she put it on a plate and they were pretend eating it and laughing with each other.  It made me hope that maybe we have moved past the hitting and shoving phase he was in. 

Then, last night when I was making dinner I asked him to play by himself (something I often ask him with little to no results) and he went and got some toys, brought them into the kitchen and sat at my feet playing with them, engaged and not pulling on me or whining, for 20 minutes or so.  A-mazing.

All kids are different, I know, but these seemingly minor milestones are so utterly huge for him.  My heart swells with tenderness thinking of our snuggle session and with pride thinking about him playing WITH another child and on his own.  He is growing up so fast.

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