Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Let the Gift Giving Begin!

Sorry for the random photos, I dropped my camera this week and lost all the recent ones.  And well, Nolan's not that easy to get pictures of anymore.  Anyway, today was the first of our gift giving.  It was our last music class before Christmas and we had a little something for the teacher.  He really seemed to love giving her the gift.  It was SO cute to watch.  He's really precious. This year has been interesting with gift giving.  There are a lot more people involved in our lives and having to figure out who to give gifts to has been a challenge.  Do we give to our babysitters?  The mailman who we see quite often since he generally comes during Nolan's lunch and often when eating lunch Nolan says 'mailman'.  The daycare ladies at the gym?  The hairdresser?  So we decided to gift small somethings to them but I'm stumped on my hairdresser so please provide your thoughts on that, she's 25 and super hip and probably doesn't want a candle. 

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