Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I think we have a problem

So, while it seems really innocent and cute, Nolan has been convincing pretty girls to let him rub their hair on his belly.  It's weird.  These are not, unfortunately, the only two incidents.
 Great.  Another really fun and awkward phase.  I might I'd prefer him hitting other children over this phase.
At least now I know to forewarn people and tell them not to do it, even if he looks really cute asking and they don't mind.  Oh dear me, this one is something else. 

*as a side note, this is funny.  It's funny until it's awkward.  We are trying to let it run it's course but also suggesting that people don't partake in this and suggest he use his blanket or stuffed animals rather than girls' hair to rub on his belly.

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