Friday, December 23, 2011

Gearing Up For Christmas

My parents arrived on Wednesday for Christmas and to stay with us for a week.  It's always different having someone else in the house.  Our routine gets thrown off, Nolan acts out a little bit and with Christmas arriving soon we have lots to do which means less attention for the Prince.
 But this year he's been a great helper.  Unfortunately the camera has decided to delete the photos of Nolan helping to make the cookies (perhaps it did get damaged when I dropped it last week).  He did a great job helping to cut the cookies, just like playdough.  Tomorrow we will decorate them and leave some for Santa.
 Nolan only wants to leave Santa two cookies but I don't think that's enough for the big guy so we'll leave more than that.  He's been doing ok, hanging in there with all the different activity going on. He did great opening his first presents from his cousins, though I fear present opening with him can take hours, he's a tad slow.  He also thoroughly enjoyed climbing and banging on the boxes.
What a good little boy.  Hopefully we can find some photos of the cookie making and perhaps be able to keep some from Christmas.  What a bummer, looks like I might need a camera for Christmas this year... is it too late?

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