Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve

On Christmas eve we decorated the cookies for Santa.  These are the ones Nolan decorated.  While he said he was giving Santa two cookies, we didn't want the reindeer to be hungry too.  While decorating them, Nolan didn't try to eat any and hardly licked his fingers when he got frosting on them.
 When we took the plate of cookies into the living room to leave near the chimney, Nolan was very hesitant.  Later Dave said he thought Nolan believed Santa would be in the living room.  He did seem to be looking around for Santa.  Next we began to read Twas The Night Before Christmas.  In the middle of the story Nolan jumped down and took a few bites of cookies. 
 Then he offered the cookie to the Santa in the book. 

Once he seemed to understand that Santa wasn't coming to the living room until after he went to sleep we attempted the rest of the story.  

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