Sunday, December 4, 2011

Candy Cane

I'm fairly certain the highlight of visiting Santa was the candy cane.  According to Santa, these are authentic, straight from the North Pole.  It's what coaxed Nolan to see Santa again, he didn't get a candy cane after his first exchange with the jolly old elf.
 In these pictures, Nolan is keeping a watchful eye on Santa while other children are visiting with him. But really what was strange to me was giving him a candy cane.  They just don't seem like kid friendly treats, when you think about it.  Despite it being pepperminty, Nolan devoured it.  I'm surprised.  Peppermint isn't really a kid-friendly flavor in my mind.  Also is that it's thin so children (Nolan) can bite off small pieces and choke on them.  Nolan didn't chole but he also didn't enjoy the candy for too long before he was a sticky mess, bit off a piece and we took it away.
 After having some thorough discussions with people about what their kids eat, I feel pretty proud of the choices/neglect we've made for Nolan.  He doesn't use ketchup or dressing or any dipping sauce that many kids his age use, mainly because we've never offered them to him.  He does use fake syrup (yes, straight up High Fructose Corn Syrup) when we have waffles or pancakes and he loves it which is why we made the decision to delay any more dipping sauces.  We've offered him hummus, pesto and a few other grown up flavors which he rejected but over all I'm pretty proud of his eating, no matter how weird it seems to other people.  And we are a united front on this matter.
So while he really loved his candy cane here, I don't think that means candy will endlessly be in his future.  He'll have enough to get him through this holiday season and I'm sure many cookies but hopefully we can hold off ketchup for a while longer.

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