Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Some other ways we spent our 'vacation'

When we weren't doing the crazy cool stuff like the aquarium and the zoo, we spent some of our time running up and down the hallways of the hotel we stayed it.  It DID help that our room was about half a mile from the elevator.  Nolan loved this game.  To everyone who stayed at the hotel we were in, I'm sorry if our over enthusiastic child woke you from running, screaming and giggling his way to and from the elevator.
 One day we headed to the Liberty Tree Mall in Peabody to check out the children's play area.  I expected to see an indoor playground- slide, climbing structure, etc.  I did not expect this oasis.
 Seriously!  Look at this place, it was awesome.  It was about the size of a football field separated in thirds.  The first third had about 50 riding toys (seriously look at them all).  TWO bouncy houses, some slides, a climbing structure and some little girls to push around.
Then there were some mowers and tons of balls.  Look behind that 'fence' near the tree on the wall- that thing is filled with balls!  Ah, pure bliss.   
 In another third of the room was a giant pirate ship structure that you could climb up and pretend to drive.  it was cool but limited in it's coolness.
The final third of the room had some baseball tees and soft bats, some soccer balls and nets and some video games.  Overall this place was awesome and well worth the $8 to get in.  AWESOME.  Especially considering we didn't pack very many toys. 

Here is a video of Nolan just taking it all in.  He was definitely stunned and overwhelmed at all these toys.  It was awesome.

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