Friday, November 4, 2011

A snowstorm in October?

I want to swear in this post.  Maybe I will...  So forget about all that lovely Autumn pumpkin festivals blah blah blah, we had an effing snowstorm.  I will be the first to admit that I under-rated this 'storm' just like I did Irene and it bit me in the ass bottom.  First of all, I bet Dave that it would snow less than 2 inches.  It snowed between 6-8 inches here.  The winner (Dave) gets from 8am-noon one weekend morning, IN the house, alone, with power (an add on after we lost power).  OOOh, I'm SO jealous already! 
So I know what you people not in New England might be thinking, what's the big deal, you New Englanders get snow every year, what's the big deal?  Well, here's a little lesson... when it is WINTER there are no leaves on trees and when it snows the snow sits beautifully on the bare branches of the trees.  It's lovely, really.  When it is BARELY Autumn, there are leaves on the trees and when it snows the flakes land, not only on the branches but also on the leaves weighing down the branches of the poor trees.  See in this picture above, the branches are TOUCHING the ground?  Those branches are about 10 feet off the ground when they are not being weighed down by snow. 

Ok, so totally freak storm, right, what's the big deal?  Well the power went out.  And it's cold.  And for those of us with electric heat, hot water and stove, the power being out when it is 29 degrees at night makes for some seriously cold living.  After driving around our neighborhood looking at the destruction (jesus, we've only lived here 4 years and this is our third major catastrophe- the tornado of 2006, hurricane Irene and now this, it's amazing there are ANY standing trees left in our town), we realized this storm was pretty significant.  We attempted to check into a hotel nearby which was booked until Thursday, it's only Sunday!!  Yikes.  We called around to a few others who were also booked.  So Dave and I did what we do best- calmly panicked.

We went home, decided to pack some things and drive north.  We started talking we'd drive until we found a hotel to check into but then bagged that idea and drove to where Dave's parents lived, found a suite on and checked in for 2 nights.  After one night we extended our stay through Saturday.  Once we decided this was our plan and that dave would take a week 'vacation' we could relax a tiny bit.

We did our best to consider this a vacation but really couldn't.  Nolan did great and LOVED his time with his cousin AJ and Nana and Grampa.  I think Nolan also really liked watching TV.  He probably doubled his tv watching this week.  Vacations can do that.  We got word our power was restored yesterday afternoon but decided to stay the night in the hotel and come home today/Friday. 

We had some really lovely little adventures this week, including some awesome Halloweening photos.  Halloween is postponed until Saturday from 2-6pm in our town so there are more opportunities to photograph Nolan the Monkey!

Here Nolan is entertaining cousin AJ and stopping a few times to give AJ a hug.  This is really precious, Nolan and AJ had such a great visit together.


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