Saturday, November 5, 2011


Nolan is attempting to stay warm in our house on Sunday morning when the indoor kitchen temperature read 55 degrees

Nolan stacking blocks with AJ.  If you ask Nolan about AJ, he will say 'JJ' and then make fake crying sounds until we say 'Yes, AJ cries'.  Then Nolan will make fake laughing sounds until we say 'Yes, AJ laughs'.  Nothing gets past this kid.

 Here is Nolan at breakfast day 1 in the hotel.  We forgot his bib so Dave made this one.  I think he looks absolutely hysterical.  

Here is Nolan looking at the turtle at the Boston/New England aquarium.  He LOVED the turtle and we looked for the turtle often, anytime we went to another part of the aquarium we went back to the giant tank and walked around it until we could find the turtle again. 

What seemed like a great idea to this scuba diver was NOT a great idea for Nolan.  I am not sure I've seen him more scared before and anytime we saw the scuba diver he totally freaked out.  

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