Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Running Solo

Dave's been out of town the last two days.  It's been ok.  Nolan has been fine but aside from knowing the days will be long, one thing has been a lot harder than I imagined.
 In the mornings, Dave normally does morning duty with Nolan.  He gets him out of bed, changed, bathed etc.  And the rule in our house is that regardless of what time Nolan wakes up, we go to him at 6:30 or later.  So that means that on days like today when he wakes up at 5:25, I must lay in bed for the next hour listening to him call for us, cry, sing, whimper, whine, etc.  That has been a challenge.
Somehow knowing it is Dave's job to do this helps take the anxiety away- sort of.  This morning I lay in bed wondering why he's up- too hot?  too humid (I just installed the humidifier last night)?  Is he wet?  I can't wait for Dave to get home and for 6:30 to get here!

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