Wednesday, November 23, 2011

More Yardwork

If you read this blog often or if you know me, I am overwhelmed by our small little yard.  While it is small, the previous owners were avid gardeners.  Our back yard is gorgeous when properly maintained... which is to say the first month we moved in, it looked wonderful.
 I spent years trying to figure out what plants are what, how they need to be prepped for the winter, when to prune, how to prune, how to tell a weed from a wanted plant (still not that sure) and how to make it look wonderful.   Then we had this beautiful creature.
 Since then, when I do have time to do work I am exhausted.  I moved quickly from organic gardening to using Round Up to rid our garden of poison ivy which wrapped itself all around the wildly overgrown holly bushes we have (turns out we had 6 after hacking back that massive bush.  now we have 4).  And now that we're done with all that scary, child-unfriendly stuff, we can work in the yard freely.
  And that is just what we did.  A few weeks ago Dave said Nolan helped bringing the broken branches from the back yard to the street and it was really fun to 'work' in the yard with him.  To be honest it never really occurred to me that Nolan would want to 'help'.  Generally I have sharp tools or poison ivy in my hands.  But this time, equipped with solely a rake, this kid LOVED helping.  We had a mini sized rake left behind from the previous owners which was perfect for him to use.  He LOVED playing in the leaves.
And I love that we are moving into an era where, not only do I feel like I have a handle on the yard, but that I also have a little helper.  Oh man, bring it on, Springtime.  But I will enjoy this winter.  Snowmen are in our future, FOR SURE!  I think this kid also needs a snow shovel.

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