Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More Snippets

It seemed to me that last week Nolan changed developmentally a whole lot!  He started singing along with songs on the cd from music class, he seemed to be interested in pretend playing a lot more, he just seemed to grow up a lot last week.
 And physically he looks different too!  I mean, first of all, you can SEE his hair on the top of his head.  And look at him here- doesn't he look like a 5 year old?  I mean, not that he's tall but he doesn't look like a baby anymore.  When the heck did that happen?
This kid swam like a fish in the pool at the hotel (yes, we remembered our bathing suits for the chance that there might be a pool at a hotel but not our winter coats).  He was hesitant to get in but once he was wet he just wanted to swim laps.  He seemed annoyed that we needed to hold onto him.  He even jumped in off the side about 20 times.
 And while I'm slightly jealous of the fact that our child won't sleep in a bed with us while there are other people who have super duper adorable photos of their kid in bed with them during the power outage (Jenn), I'm also thrilled that him sleeping in our bed isn't an issue we need to worry about.  But he loved getting into the giant bed in the hotel once he was up.  And when he was out of the bath.
Gone are the days of the hooded towel, Nolan seemed to prefer a normal towel wrapped around him.  He especially loves seeing himself wrapped up.  He will asked to be 'wap'ped and then see himself in the mirror, fling the towel off and then whimper while saying 'wap' until we wrap him up again. 


  1. Don't be jealous, she's only in bed with us when she waked up screaming in her bed and it's the only hope of any of us getting any sleep!