Thursday, November 17, 2011

More from Halloween

Where was I?  Before the storm threw off my regular blog habits I was doing some Halloween stuff.  Here are some never before seen photos of Nolan the monkey.  We are at a nearby town's library.  He loves this place.
 He was stunned and had that funny expression on his face for much of the time we were there.  He also chewed on that doll for most of the time we were there.
 Here is a bad monkey.  Time out at the library is always tough but it was a good opportunity to get a few photos.  He legitimately earned a time out though, I didn't just put him there for the photos.
 Here's my silly boy.  He did have fun!  He really loved halloween.  Now we're gearing him up for Christmas.  We've shown him photos of Santa and told about Santa's busy night.  Maybe he understands some of it.

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