Thursday, November 10, 2011

How does he know?

Sometimes I'm amazed at silly little things.  Like how does Nolan know this is a phone?  I am fairly certain he's never seen me use a phone with a cord, but then here he is playing with one exactly like he might have seen me using the phone... 20 years ago.
 Gone are the days with corded phones except for work.  Everyone has cordless or cell phones.  So how does he know what to do with this?  Really amazing.  So we  unplugged this phone in our hotel and made it a toy.  This poor phone was dragged all over the room but kept him interested for a while.
 And here's a photo of Nolan doing some tired-play.  He's laying on the floor pushing the truck back and forth.  Poor kid, it's not like he didn't get good sleep this week.  It wasn't past or even near naptime, he just was resting his head. 

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