Sunday, November 6, 2011


Halloween happened a few times for this little monkey.  First on October 26th at the library, then on October 31st with baby AJ.  Then again on November 5th from 2-6pm in our town. 
 Nolan REALLY loved trick or treating.  I was surprised how much he loved it.  After the first house it was almost as if it was a natural instinct.  Or maybe it is: when someone offers a basket of food to you, take some and put it in your basket and then run away to find more.  I mean it IS instinctual.
 So after running from house to house taking candy that he doesn't even eat (well, ok, he eats it now and really loves it) he seemed upset that we couldn't do more houses.  Even in AJ's neighborhood where he knows none of the neighbors, he wanted to do more.  It was a really fun halloween, I can't imagine what next year will be like. 

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