Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fun With The Camera

Nolan LOVES the camera.  But he doesn't love having his photo taken.  We wants to look at all the pictures I've just taken.  This makes it difficult to get a good photo of him doing something fun or cute because after he sees the flash, hears the camera click or just senses I'm taking a photo he jumps up grunting at me to see the photo I've just taken.
Then we discovered the delayed shutter.  My camera has a 2 second delay (and a 10 second one).  The two second delay is really fun.
 Especially when we put the camera on one of Nolan's toys and then immediately look at the photos we just took.
 Especially when Nolan gets to push the shutter button.  Then he runs back to me and jumps into my lap.  This is the result.  And I love it.

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