Monday, November 7, 2011

Fun in the Dark

One of the benefits of having the power out was being able to take some photos of Nolan without him seeing the camera.  As a result, we got a few good photos.  Notice the mess of delivered pizza goods in the background...
 So on Sunday after 4 hours of no power it was time for Nolan to go to bed.  Geared up in two pairs of long footed pajamas (and his baseball hat) he ran around the house shrieking having a grand old time.
 He loved playing with one of the two flashlights we own (mental note: buy more flashlights for next power outage) and seemed to enjoy the array of tea light candles scattered around the house (mental note: buy a candle or two that burn for longer than 2 hours for next power outage).
 He also seemed to really love that Nana and GaaGaa were visiting during this fun and exciting dark night.  He was a riot and we got some really great photos. 

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