Sunday, November 27, 2011

Back to the Grind

Tomorrow is back to the grind.  Mondays are always tough but I'll be running solo for the next few days and that can be difficult.  I hope this little angel is on good behavior.
 But what an awesome weekend we had.  I feel exhausted from it, so much going on, so much to eat, so many things checked off that to do list.  Wow.
 And the weather was amazing.  I mean to play outside several days in late November is a real blessing.  I can't get over how nice it is. 
 Thank goodness for nice days.  Ahead the forecast is warm but rainy.  Boo.  Maybe we can dodge some raindrops and hit the playground (or back yard) again this week. 
But it's back to the Grind for us tomorrow.  Boo.

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