Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Is this Inappropriate Behavior?

Ok, to start with, I'm still unsure if I should put this post out for the world to see.  So, dear Nolan, if you are reading this when you get older and decide you want me to remove this post, I will.  But it's so darn funny I have to share with the world.
Over the past several months Nolan has become fond of a few of his stuffed animals.  They are mostly the soft ones that he will take it's paw and run it under his chin, on his lips or on his cheek.  It's so sweet to encounter him doing this gentle movement.  Then it moved into him taking the animals hand and making it do things, like open a door or use the mower or eat or play.
Then one day he discovered that the bear feels really soft when he rubs it on his belly.  So he would take Rupert's paw and rub it on his belly.  Then he started sitting up, pulling his shirt up and holding it with his chin while rubbing Rupert's paw up and down his belly.
 Next he discovered he can pull up his shirt and then put the whole body or Rupert on his belly to maximize the softness on his belly.  Which generally results in Nolan rolling around trying to get Rupert perfectly positioned to feel soft on his belly.  Once properly positioned, Nolan will flop on top of Rupert (or another animal, though mostly Rupert) and make slight movements to make it feel like Rupert is rubbing him.
 Then a few days ago, during all of Nolan's shirt pulling up, he discovered his nipples.  Last night he discovered that if his simply removed his shirt completely he can do both: rub Rupert over his belly and touch his nipples. 
 This wouldn't be such a big deal except at library class yesterday he hiked his shirt up and rubbed the star over his belly while the rest of the class was singing twinkle twinkle little star.  Then he grabbed Clifford the Big Red Dog (we all know how Nolan feels about him, right) and started rubbing Clifford's ear on Nolan's belly which turned into Nolan lifting his shirt up and flopping on top of Clifford in the middle of the circle while other children were all sitting quietly in the laps of their parents reading a book about Fall Leaves... oh my dear child...

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