Thursday, October 6, 2011

Other Big E Rides

Nolan and I also took a ride on this super duper slide.  And if I had a moment to think about it I might not have done this ride but we waited in line, gave our tickets, climbed up all those stairs and then I handed my child to a stranger at a high level and waited for him to hand him back to me.  In hindsight this is terrifying however everyone else was doing it. 
 So we climb aboard our burlap sack and thankfully the attendee does not drop Nolan off this really high slide and hands him to me and we ride down.  This was a seriously wicked slide.  I kinda LOVED it.  Nolan, well,  I think he would have rather been on the carousel.
 Actually he really wanted to be on the motorcycles but he was too short (and wiggly) to go on them himself.  The height limit was 42 inches and I'm certain he would not have stayed on just by a loose strap.  But he desperately wanted to go on these and caused quite a scene as we had to pick him up and move him (kicking and screaming) to a place he couldn't watch.  And we didn't walk that way again.  Bad move, rookie parents.

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