Friday, October 28, 2011

Grain Pit

What's better than a ball pit?  A grain pit?  Yes, that giant pit is filled with corn kernels.  It felt really funny on our feet.  Nolan didn't love it at first, then he did, then he didn't. 

But what he was really interested in was the tractors.  This was a replica of the tractor that pulled the hayride. Nolan was REALLY amazed by it.  He says 'tractor' but it sounds a lot like Dada.  Anyway, a boy and his tractors.  This was was especially large. 
 It's funny how kids know to move the steering wheel and push the center as though it were a horn.  He just thought this was the best.  That was until he saw a field of pumpkins.  I mean, could this kid's day get ANY better?

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