Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First Fun Trip(s) on the Carousel

While at first he looks scared or terrified, he was excited to get on the horse again.  He ran over to the carousel and pointed seeming saying "I know what that is and I'm not afraid".
But then he did look a little scared, or maybe that was the goldfish coma he was in, at any rate, he rode on the carousel.  FIVE times. 
 And my cheeks hurt watching him go round and round enjoying himself.  I wonder if his cheeks hurt.  He sure looks like he was FINALLY loving it.
 Yes, we went on this ride five times.  It does seem like overkill but we bought enough tickets for us each to ride it two times only to find out that grown-ups don't need to pay with tickets.
Thank goodness because look at this kid, he loved it.  OK, I admit, I absolutely loved it too.  He was laughing so hard and smiling so big I was surprised I didn't cry.  Perhaps I was overstimulated. The Big E can do that to a person.

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