Monday, October 3, 2011

Big 'E'ating

Nolan doesn't really seem too interested in food.  If we're eating, typically he could care less.  Unless it's crackers, specifically fish shaped crackers.  We're working on trying to get him to eat what we are eating but it's proving to be a challenge, especially when we eat exciting dinners like Bobby Flay's spicy meatloaf which is delicious but, well, spicy and chock filled with veggies and ground meat (something Nolan isn't really into)
 So heading to the Big E where there is junk food a plenty (fried oreos, fried butter, ribs, fried dough, burgers, gyros, loaded baked potatoes, candy, fudge, whoopie pies, etc) Nolan hardly was interested in what we offered.  But he was very interested in the whoopie pies we had.  He's not dumb. 
 He could care less about the gyro and the fried mushrooms but was interested in the pizza only a little bit and the fried dough with sugar.  Mostly he was thrilled to have a large cup of goldfish crackers to munch on and was bummed when that cup was empty.
 I wish I could have really captured how messy he was after eating the fried dough, he has sugar on his chin and on his shirt.  He was basically a sticky gross mess at the end of the day, certainly a day well spent at the Big E.

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