Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Big E

We went to the Big E on Friday which was quite an adventure.  After the 3 hour drive there (which should normally take 40 minutes) we arrived.  Our plan was to stay for 3-4 hours or so and be home around 4pm, but when we finally arrived at 2, well, that was just the beginning of a crazy day.
 Surprisingly Nolan went in the stroller after the long car ride.  We got through the gates and all 3 of us were overwhelmed by it all.  The crazy fried food, the glittering lights, the sounds, the people, the smells- whoa.  Our first stop was to watch the elephant rides.  Nolan was completley capitvated which resulted in the first of his mini (and sometimes major) meltdowns.  After watching for a bit we stumbled upon a petting zoo. 
 I expected him to be scared but he wasn't.  We took him out of the stroller and he was running around, so excited to see the animals.  Some of them he petted, some he just watched but he was so excited, running back and forth between Dave and I holding our hands and pulling us toward the various goats, sheep, donkeys and cow.  The cow was his favorite- no surprise there.
 The petting zoo area was small but perfect.  It was shaded and colorful and the animals were friendly but slow and calm (probably overfull from the endless children feeding them) but it was a perfect beginning to a very up and down day.

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