Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Beeba? Gramma? We miss you already!

The door to our guestroom has about a 2 inch gap between it and the floor.  I have no idea why, no other door in the house is like that but it is what it is.  Often we play a fun game with Nolan where we lay on the other side and put our hands under.  But it is also a way for Nolan to keep an eye on Beeba/Gramma, while she is visiting. 
 While not her preferred method of waking up, it's also not a bad one when Nolan lays under the floor calling Beeba until she opens the door.
They had so much fun this week while Beeba was visiting.  Nolan was sleeping when Gramma got out of the car at the airport but woke up shortly after wondering where Beeba is.  It was such a true pleasure watching and listening to Nolan play with my mom. 
I wonder how many days it will take for him to realize Beeba has gone to her home.  That her suitcase, boots, glasses and cell phone are also gone- all some of his new favorite toys.  We miss Beeba already.

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