Saturday, October 15, 2011

Another Day with Goats

Goats are funny animals.  I mean, what sound do they make?  Why are they hardly ever in children's books but are at every zoo, petting zoo and fair in New England?  It took a while for Nolan to warm up to the Gooos (what he calls them).
 Surprisingly he fed the goats.  Not just from the ice cream cone that the food came in but in his fingers. 
 We were there early so he was one of the first to approach the Gooos with food, clearly they were hungry.
 And when the food was dumped out on the ground or given to the goats, he offered them the ice cream cone too.
He was an excellent Goooo feeder.  Strangely he was afraid of the pig in the fence but chase the one in the petting zoo oinking at it (which is really aaaah aaaah). 

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