Thursday, October 27, 2011


Have I mentioned how much Nolan loves tractors?  So at this pumpkin patch there were tractor type bikes and this little track you could ride on.
 It took all we had to keep him from climbing over those tiny hay cubes and into the track.  So I signed Dave up to take Nolan for a ride.
 Despite these photos, Nolan LOVED it.  And it looked like lots of fun so I wanted a turn. 
 Nolan was a tad squigglie for me which made the steering and getting comfortable a challenge but he did laugh a bit on our ride.  It was really awesome and I kinda wanted to take another ride.
 So did Nolan, but actually he found something else he suddenly needed to inspect.  Photos on that tomorrow... with a video.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

On Saturday we went to Fair Weather Acres Pumpkin Patch.  It was a really great way to spend and Autumn day in New England.  Seriously, we could have spent hours there, I think.  Of course, Nolan found all the soft animals.  Luckily he was wearing a onesie, Dave and I could see Nolan trying to figure out how he could rub his belly on this giant stuffed bear.
 This was what he ran to first, of all the 'scarecrows' around, he ran to the giant stuffed polar bear.  Strange Kid.
 Then he found Little Bo Peep and petted her sheep for several minutes while Baa-ing at them.  Mind you, his baa is not gentle but sort of an angry roar-type baa.  Regardless, after we convinced him to leave the stuffed sheep, he ran to the wine barrel horse.
 So he climbed aboard the fake horse and surprisingly grabbed the stirrups while Neigh-ing and hopping up and down. 
 He was really excited about all the 'scarecrows'.  I can't wait to show you more photos from this really wonderful day.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Strike A Pose

This weekend the first of Nolan's little friends turned 2.  And so we begin the second birthday circuit.  Between now and April pretty much all of Nolan's buddies will have a birthday. 
 So we tried to put Nolan into some party gear.  He just wasn't having it.  The really cool trendy party shirt (hand me down Kenneth Cole, Reaction) would not be worn.
 The little suede blazer that goes very nicely with the Kenneth Cole shirt was worn, but only for a brief modeling stint.
 I don't know what possessed him to climb up on this box but it was so funny and perfect to snap a bunch of photos.
 He looks like he loves the jacket right?  Wrong.  We didn't get out the door with it on.  Even though he looked especially dapper, the jacket might have put him over the top as far as dressing up for this party.
But if you got it, flaunt it, right?  He still looked great and was charming.  More dapper gear to come.  I love this time of year when the weather makes you consider sweaters... love it!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Here is Nolan's first attempt at finger painting.  I remember enjoying it as a child and that strange odor from the paints.
 The paint was thinner than I remembered but Nolan seemed like a pro after his initial hesitation.  Generally he doesn't love his hands messy (or even sometimes a single drop of water on his high chair tray) but he didn't mind this.
 well, he didn't mind it until he was done.  Then he was ready to have his hands cleaned.
 Pretty proud of himself, he was.  Pretty Proud.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Is this Inappropriate Behavior?

Ok, to start with, I'm still unsure if I should put this post out for the world to see.  So, dear Nolan, if you are reading this when you get older and decide you want me to remove this post, I will.  But it's so darn funny I have to share with the world.
Over the past several months Nolan has become fond of a few of his stuffed animals.  They are mostly the soft ones that he will take it's paw and run it under his chin, on his lips or on his cheek.  It's so sweet to encounter him doing this gentle movement.  Then it moved into him taking the animals hand and making it do things, like open a door or use the mower or eat or play.
Then one day he discovered that the bear feels really soft when he rubs it on his belly.  So he would take Rupert's paw and rub it on his belly.  Then he started sitting up, pulling his shirt up and holding it with his chin while rubbing Rupert's paw up and down his belly.
 Next he discovered he can pull up his shirt and then put the whole body or Rupert on his belly to maximize the softness on his belly.  Which generally results in Nolan rolling around trying to get Rupert perfectly positioned to feel soft on his belly.  Once properly positioned, Nolan will flop on top of Rupert (or another animal, though mostly Rupert) and make slight movements to make it feel like Rupert is rubbing him.
 Then a few days ago, during all of Nolan's shirt pulling up, he discovered his nipples.  Last night he discovered that if his simply removed his shirt completely he can do both: rub Rupert over his belly and touch his nipples. 
 This wouldn't be such a big deal except at library class yesterday he hiked his shirt up and rubbed the star over his belly while the rest of the class was singing twinkle twinkle little star.  Then he grabbed Clifford the Big Red Dog (we all know how Nolan feels about him, right) and started rubbing Clifford's ear on Nolan's belly which turned into Nolan lifting his shirt up and flopping on top of Clifford in the middle of the circle while other children were all sitting quietly in the laps of their parents reading a book about Fall Leaves... oh my dear child...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Now THAT's What You Call A Tractor

Can you see little Nolan on this giant tractor?  He's right in the middle.
 Despite feeling pretty rotten, Nolan had a super time at the farm with all the animals and the tractors.
 In fact, during his hunger strike, er, I mean mystery illness, he opted to not have any snack of homemade muffins and scones but rather to take this opportunity to climb all over the tractor alone, without any other small people to push out of the way.
He was a happy boy, on this here tractor.  A very happy boy.  Until he remembered how badly he felt.  Then we went home...

Monday, October 17, 2011

Tractor Lessons From a Pro

A boy and his tractor.  I mean what more does a boy need?
 Well, apparently he wants it to 'go'.  He gets some helpful tips from his cousin and tries to get it to move like the other kids.

 She explains where his feet should go and how they are supposed to move to make the tractor move.

 And finally he gets what he wants, a push.  What a clever little boy.  And what a super big cousin!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Another Day with Goats

Goats are funny animals.  I mean, what sound do they make?  Why are they hardly ever in children's books but are at every zoo, petting zoo and fair in New England?  It took a while for Nolan to warm up to the Gooos (what he calls them).
 Surprisingly he fed the goats.  Not just from the ice cream cone that the food came in but in his fingers. 
 We were there early so he was one of the first to approach the Gooos with food, clearly they were hungry.
 And when the food was dumped out on the ground or given to the goats, he offered them the ice cream cone too.
He was an excellent Goooo feeder.  Strangely he was afraid of the pig in the fence but chase the one in the petting zoo oinking at it (which is really aaaah aaaah). 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Kid Table

When my mom was in town we had too many people to sit around the table.  So we had a kid table and a grown up table.  We sat Nolan in his high chair with the grown up table.  He had a fit.  He was whining and pointing and we couldn't figure out what his issue was until we sat him at the kid table.
In fact, as we were moving him over to the kid table he was giggling like crazy.  Then when he sat down he was just happy to be with his cousins.
While he didn't eat anything he was thrilled to be at the kid table.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A New Look

The changing of the seasons is always a turning point for me.  It's the time that the new decorations come out which gives the house new flavor.  It's time for the new clothes to come out, which always feels like I just went shopping finding old clothes that have been in a box for 6 months.  And, this time around, the blog has a new look.  What do you think of it?
 I just LOVE sweater season.  I'm not sure if Nolan will but he does love zippers and this particular sweater has a half zip (how trendy).  So with him in his cords and sweater (well, these are both hand me downs from Nolan's very generous cousins) he looks dashing.
 I just can't get over how grown up he looks.  Some days I wonder who replaced my baby with this little boy.  It's hard to believe he's 19 months old. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Beeba? Gramma? We miss you already!

The door to our guestroom has about a 2 inch gap between it and the floor.  I have no idea why, no other door in the house is like that but it is what it is.  Often we play a fun game with Nolan where we lay on the other side and put our hands under.  But it is also a way for Nolan to keep an eye on Beeba/Gramma, while she is visiting. 
 While not her preferred method of waking up, it's also not a bad one when Nolan lays under the floor calling Beeba until she opens the door.
They had so much fun this week while Beeba was visiting.  Nolan was sleeping when Gramma got out of the car at the airport but woke up shortly after wondering where Beeba is.  It was such a true pleasure watching and listening to Nolan play with my mom. 
I wonder how many days it will take for him to realize Beeba has gone to her home.  That her suitcase, boots, glasses and cell phone are also gone- all some of his new favorite toys.  We miss Beeba already.

Monday, October 10, 2011


Nolan loves looking at all the pumpkins out and about town.  Not as much as the scarecrows, but is a very big fan on pumpkins.  So when I brought some home to roast for a delicious soup he was VERY interested.
 He was especially interested in watching me taste the pumpkins trying to determine if they were sugar pumpkins.
 He motioned like he wanted to try the pumpkin and he loved it.  I couldn't get the spoon to scoop pumpkin out fast enough.
 So we sat on the floor and dug in.
 He hasn't eaten a bite of pumpkin (or anything including pumpkin) since.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


My mom is visiting from Florida and it has been an ultimate joy to watch Nolan and Beebob play together.  He takes her by the hand to lead her to toys he wants to play with and this morning banged her door open to get her up so they could play.  Nolan, FOR SURE, misses his Dad this week, especially since we don't play with him like this:
it has been a true treat and a big help to have some extra hands around the house.  I can only imagine how sad Nolan's going to be when Beebob goes home but Dad is still working crazy hours.