Sunday, September 11, 2011

Intro to What's Cooking, Good Looking?

I am hoping to do this post regularly.  Before we had Nolan, we were eaters.  One might consider us foodies.  I didn't but I would self proclaim myself an excellent eater.  We liked to eat food.  For a while I was obsessed with knowing where my food came from, I devoured (see what I did just there?) books about food, eating, organics, free range, etc.  We got endless food/recipe magazines each month and cooked many recipes in them.  I was really consumed by food.

While many amazing things have happened since Nolan came along, many other things have gotten brushed to the side because of our limited free time.  This week, however, something changed and I'm finding myself thinking about food, cooking and creating recipes in my head.  Cooking, for me, takes a lot of mental energy as well as physical energy.

So for those who do not know how Dave and I work, every week we trade off cooking duties.  Last week was my week to cook.  We have recently added cooking/providing food for Nolan to that task.  And since last week energized my desire to cook and talk about food I have created a 'What's Cooking, Good Looking' feature to the blog.  So... here goes nothing...

Last week our menu was inspired by a new magazine Everyday Food by Martha "I don't eat that kind of food" Stewart. (ten points to the person who knows where that quote comes from).  We made a HUGE portion of Orzo Salad with Zucchini, Corn and Feta.  I also made two fritattas that each included 4 cups of orzo salad.  One fritatta went directly to the freezer and the other went for my lunch.  Unfortunately Nolan didn't like the fritatta, which was a big disappointment.  I loved it.

I also made zucchini and carrot and corn pancakes (recipe from Parenting magazine), also a dud for Nolan.  Dave and I liked them, Dave more than me.  For Garden Club pot luck supper I made Chocolate Bark, a candy.  Also for the pot luck was a summer fruit upside cornmeal cake from Cooking Light and our cookbook and Martha's Plum and Blueberry upside cake.  Both were beautiful but not what I was hoping for- a tad on the dry side.  I made my first (and second) attempt at some Mac N Cheese.  This was Nolan's first taste of homemade mac n cheese- I think he liked it but has been so tired at meals it's hard to tell, definitely didn't devour it.  This morning I made Bacon, onion and cheddar scrambled eggs.  And tonight I'll be attempting homemade gnocchi with pesto, chicken and garden-grown cherry tomatoes.  Then I'll be 'off' for a week.  AHHHH..  Next time there will be photos of the food and recipe links but for now I think this post is long enough.  ENJOY!

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