Sunday, September 4, 2011

Video: Lights Out. BOO!

Our vacation was great and we had a wonderful trip.  We returned to our house to prepare for Tropical Storm/Hurricane Irene.  Irene was a hurricane in some areas of our state but for us, she was a Tropical Storm.  The storm itself blew and rained.  We got a little water in our basement which really didn't compare to the water from a few weeks ago when we endured yet another random aggressive rain storm.  Irene blew her wind hard but perhaps due to the tornado that hit our neighborhood a few years ago we didn't see very much destruction where we are.  BUT we did lose our power for two days.  And during those days we did some very strange eating and behavior.  And I think Mr. here was all out of sorts.  He was tired and in a nutty mood- a very silly combo.  Enjoy this video.  BOO!

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