Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ut Oh.

Everyday it seems like there is something new with Nolan.  He's really into buckles again and dinosaurs (still).  He is starting to say words that we say.  So this week we worked on colors.  His two favorites seem to be blue and purple.  He thinks everything is blue except for those things that are purple.  He's really into puzzles right now too- shape sorting, board puzzles and stacking/nesting cups which makes for some periods of time where he is playing with one item.  Let me repeat that.  This is making for periods of time where he is playing with one item. 


He is still into his soft snuggly objects which has resulted in us having to remove the basket where we keep his extra sheets.  He could reach them from inside the crib and would pull them out and snuggle with them.  He has also begun removing his changing pad and dragging it around the house.  He has also upgraded to phase two of his bike where he can climb in and out of the seat if we don't buckle him in and he can also steer.  But we can override his steering- he's not very good yet.
And he's begun to undress himself.  He started this on Sunday and on Monday morning I said to Dave I worried he has taken his diaper off.  I was wrong.  Apparently he needed more practice because most of the day Monday he was either taking his pants off or trying to put them back on.  But THIS morning, what did Dave find when he went to get him?  Yes, that's his diaper in his hands.  Those are his PJs behind him.

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