Thursday, September 1, 2011

Playground Fun, Vacation Style

One day we decided to skip the beach and head to the playground.  Nolan had a BLAST on all of the toys.  He especially loved the Zebra, a word he can say, sort of, because it was really loose and rocked back and forth.
 He was also a huge fan of the twisty slide
 And the merry go round, a playground toy that is near impossible to find anymore.  In fact some older kids were at this playground and one asked what it was.  She called it a spiny thing.  I have so many memories of playing on the merry go round when I was a kid... ahh, I digress.  Back to the Prince.
 And how funny is this see-saw?  No, it is not a subaru commercial, but rather the tallest Grampa and the short little fellow.  Surprisingly it wasn't too off balance.  See saws generally balance in the middle and sway up and down.

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