Monday, September 19, 2011

Catching Up, Weekend update

My birthday was last week. It's funny, this year it just didn't feel as exciting as in the past.  Perhaps because I'm old or perhaps it's because I don't spend every day with/talking to the same people who might remember if I remind them daily for a week leading up to it that it's my birthday.  Or perhaps I'm just learning to be subtle- though not likely.
 Meanwhile Dave had a killer week and he has no idea how much I appreciate and love all of the ways that made me feel special on my birthday.  Despite all of his extra working he still managed to make me a cake (his first ever!) and shower me with gifts and special little things. 
 The plan was for him to take my birthday off and spend it together but unfortunately he couldn't take it off, something came up.  So instead we started the day off right, with coffee and cake.  Yes, even Nolan got cake for breakfast and really, everyone should.  It's an awesome way to start the day.
After cake, Nolan and I headed to the zoo with a friend and her little one.  When we got home Dave was home and I took a NAP.  Yes, I did.  Ahhh, what a treat.  Then we had some champagne and went to dinner without the Prince.  What a great day.  Thanks boys, for making my day special.

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