Friday, August 5, 2011

Video Friday: New Seat

Nolan has found a new place to sit. Well, in fact, now that he climbs everywhere he has found lots of new places to sit. I think he likes this one best though. He loves his BaBas but seems to enjoy this one most as a chair.

He's been so funny lately, very verbal although it's not too clear what he's saying, you have to interpret his pointing and context but sometimes during our walk he'll be rambling on and on the whole hour. Once he does say a word, for example, plane, he will continue to say it until you stop repeating him. So whenever a plane flys over our house (there is a small airport nearby) he stops, points to it and says 'der'. But that means plane, apparently. He's been lots of fun and also voicing his opinions a lot. He has mastered how to say 'no' while shaking his head violently. He is also identifying himself as NoNo.


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