Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nolan's First Carousel Ride

On Tuesday we went to ride the Bushnell Park Carousel, the oldest wooden carousel in the country. It's a whopping dollar to ride and because of this low cost and strange ugly building built around it, I've never ventured in this way. It all just seems a little trashy, a carousel in the middle of a park in Hartford that can sometimes be frightening to walk through, at lunchtime? Yikes. But, I thought we'd try it. So we headed into downtown, to an area I used to work, and found great street parking, figured out the fancy meters and headed into the park. Nolan was first fascinated with the fountains, something we as grownups totally take for granted. He was mesmerized. After 10 minutes of delaying his fate, we headed into the carousel building. All I can say is wow. It's absolutely breathtaking. And for Nolan, a bit overwhelming.

Inside the building that contains the gorgeous carousel also has this amazing stained glass. The colors just popped from being in the dark room and it being so bright outside. I was mesmerized by that, but Nolan was ... stunned by the carousel. We sat and watched it for a bit while he was safely secured in his stroller, since I am slowly learning that he is not a daredevil. Then I unbuckled him from the stroller so he could walk around watching the carousel. He promptly climbed back into the stroller and attempted to buckle himself in. But after some coaxing and more walking around I bought our tickets and waited for the next ride.

As I was choking back tears because somehow this was so totally exciting and monumental to me, we boarded the carousel. At this point Nolan was holding onto my neck so tightly I took both hands off him and smiled with the attendant about how tightly he was holding on. I decided it'd be better to sit in a chariot versus on a horse, considering the death grip Nolan had on my neck. So we sat down, him on my lap, waited for the second bell to ring signalling the ride was about to begin and took Nolan's very first ride on the Bushnell Park Carousel. The ride wasn't very frightening at all. Nolan even let go of my neck and sat on my lap facing forward to briefly enjoy it. I don't think he wanted to do it again, I also didn't want to push it. He did great, that was enough, I loved every minute of it.

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