Sunday, July 17, 2011

Visiting with the Great Aunts and Uncle

This weekend we took a ride to visit the Great Aunts and Great Uncle, and the Great Dog and Great Cat. We had a really nice time at the beach (mom didn't take photos) and at the pool. Of course, there was a noodle which is always fun. Nolan had a blast showing Great Aunt Judy and Great Aunt Liz how comfortable he is in the water. He also showed them how strong his teeth were after several bites into the noodle.

There was some time out for Daddy too. They looked really cute sitting on the lounge chair post-swim. I'm really lucky. GAJ and GAL tried to get Nolan to sit on the noodle. I'm not so sure he got the hang of it but with some helping hands he was able to sit. He was more interested in figuring out how to make it spray water. He knew you had to dunk it to get water into the tube and to put your mouth on the hole at the end. But the blowing part was the trouble. We had some good laughs watching him try to figure it out.

Thank you so much for suggesting the visit. It was so wonderful to spend time with you. Have safe travels up to Canada, aye. Give Gram a kiss from us!

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