Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nolan's New Ride

Nolan likes his new ride. He was even trying to take a nap in it yesterday. Either that or hug it. At any rate, there are several things that Nolan likes about it, the loud color might be one. Unfortunately this was the only color available for this version of the stroller. He really loves the tray and steering wheel and squeaking horn. And when he's not honking the horn and pretending he's driving, he'll lean back and put his legs up on the tray. The tray can come off or stay on. We'll see how often we actually use it.

He seems to also like the vents on the sides of the stroller that might allow some more airflow. I like the shade seems a bit bigger providing a little more protection from the sun. But most of all, I love the front swivel wheel. I didn't realize how cumbersome the fixed front wheel of the other jogging stroller was until I walked with this one. We didn't walk far because it's HOT today. But we did give this a decent test ride. Nolan digs it.

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