Monday, July 18, 2011

My Son Is Brilliant!

This big boy understands a whole lot more than he lets on. He understands everything we say. He understands more complicated things. And he understands his toy. He has this magnet toy that we've been playing with and getting frustrated by for months. I see them on everyone's fridge so we got one when Nolan started showing interest in the magnets. It's a two piece puzzle that goes on a talking board. When you get the puzzle right, there is a song that congratulates you. When you get the two pieces in but they are not a match there is a different song.

One day this week Nolan woke up and discovered this puzzle was easy. He can take all the pieces off and put them on the right place. He can make matches. No longer is there a duck-sheep. Now all the animals are matched properly and the congratulatory song is sung. And more so, no longer is there frustrated throwing of the pieces across the floor. Well, not much of it anyway. It's amazing how much they develop. Truly, it happened overnight that he can solve this puzzle. Really cool to watch this kiddo develop.

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