Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I'd love to say Nolan is 'all boy' but that's not quite true, he did take a little girl's doll and give dolly a snuggle before she was taken from his arms. Thank goodness the beach on vacation was small. And friendly. Because even though we had toys for Nolan to play with, he wanted (and proceeded) to play with all the other toys. It's just what kids do, right? They find the coolest toys, in this case a giant mesh bag of sporting good, and act as if they own them. This mesh bag must have had at least 30 balls in it.

The parents were really cool with Nolan's interest in the bag of balls. They didn't seem bothered by him removing 20 of the balls and scattering them throughout their beach set up. They were lounging on their floats sipping beers laughing at him.

And how could you not laugh at this. I mean, could he get any further into the bag? And then when he finally finds a ball and gets it into his hand he studies it as if it might not be the ball he targeted. This lasted for 15 minutes or so until Nolan made enough of a mess of their stuff and I convinced him to move away.

The best part: the owners of the bag of balls suggested we don't need to put all the balls back in the bag, that their children will do it before they leave. I guess all kids do this. Thank you, dear friendly beach-goers. I will someday pay it forward and make Nolan clean up some other child's mess of his toys. Now where can I get my hands on a mesh bag of balls.

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